Tuesday, 16 January 2018
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Dubrovnik came alive to the sounds of New Year last night in a long and wild night in the city.

The main street, Stradun, was absolutely packed from one end to the other with party revellers as the regional pop star, Dino Merlin, entertained the mass crowds.

Check out the atmosphere from last night in this video from Studio Relive.



Although it is the craziest night of the year in Dubrovnik it passed without any major incidents. According to the Dubrovnik emergency services the Dubrovnik region was quiet and relatively peaceful for New Year.

All of the emergency services had a straightforward night, the fire brigade, police and ambulance service all reported that there were no serious incidents in the county.

Whilst the whole city was “under siege” from fireworks and bangers no injuries were reported, and the police also didn’t report problems with drink driving. All in all 2018 arrived peacefully in Dubrovnik.



2018 is here and, apart from nursing a hangover, people are promising to be a better version of themselves in the new year.

The most popular New Year resolutions for 2018 are very similar to previous years, with the most popular being to lose weight. However, the odds are against you in you were planning a long list of resolutions. Statistics show that only one in five people managed to keep their resolutions longer than one week.

Here are the top ten most popular New Year’s resolutions according to a popular poll

1.Lose weight

2. Exercise more

3. Save more money

4. Improve diet

5. Something else

6. Pursue a career ambition

7. Spend more time with family

8. Take up a new hobby

9. Decorate at home

10. Cut down on alcohol

2018 resolutions 2



New Year was greeted with tens of thousands of party goers on the Stradun. Fireworks exploded in the still night sky, music echoed around the stone facades and laughter filled the city.

The Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Frankovic, wished everyone a happy new year and raised a glass of champagne in celebration.

The main singer for the biggest night in the city was Dino Merlin, and he certainly managed to attract an audience from neighbouring countries. The Stradun was packed from one end to the other and the fun went on long into the early morning hours.

crowds on stardun 2018

lindo on str5adun 2018 2

2018 new year celebrations dubrovnik

dino merlin on stardun 2018

new year dubrovnik 2018

new year celebrations in dubrovnik 2018



Dubrovnik was among the first cities in Croatia to have a new born baby in 2018. At five minutes past midnight Nada Cebalo gave birth and became one of the first mothers of 2018 in Croatia.

The Prefect of the Dubrovnik – Neretva County, Nikola Dobroslavic, visited the Dubrovnik General Hospital on New Year’s Eve to meet the employees and also congratulated Cebalo.

And Dobroslavic had an extra reason to be pleased as the new mum is the sister of the Deputy Prefect, Josko Cebalo. The County Prefect congratulated her on her birth and wished everyone a happy new year.

first baby born in dubrovnik 2018



As Dubrovnik entered the New Year fireworks exploded over the historic Old City lighting up the night sky.

These amazing photos were taken by Zeljko Tutnjevic from the Srd Mountian overlooking Dubrovnik and give a great “bird’s eye view” of the colourful entertainment. It was certainly a night to remember in Dubrovnik.

Check out the fireworks display from New Year 2018

dubrovnik firewroks 2017 2

dubrovnik fireworks 2017 3

dubrovnik fireworks 2017 4

dubrovnik fireworks 2017 6



From all of us at The Dubrovnik Times have a happy New Year.

Let us celebrate this exciting, colourful, grand, magical New Year with a great big smile. Wishing you a year full of happiness and prosperity.

Be prepared for long traffic delays if you were thinking of celebrating the New Year in the Old City of Dubrovnik.

These photos, sent to us by a reader, show the long traffic jams around the city and it isn’t even close to midnight. Many of the roads around the city will actually be closed for this evening and the city has announced that there will be free parking in the Port of Dubrovnik.

A good idea to avoid the crush and get the bus instead of looking for parking.






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