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The largest state owned hotel chain in Dubrovnik, Maestrali, has been sold to a company from the Czech Republic. The government has accepted a bid from the Czech company J & T IB Capital Markets for 114 million Kuna reports Dubrovacki Vjesnik.

Although the news is still unofficial the Ministry of State Property has reported the news and apparently it is only a matter of formalities and the contract will be signed.

The Czech company has offered 114 million Kuna for almost 60 percent of the shares in the hotel chain in Lapad which includes five hotels on the coastline.


It has started earlier this year. The travel trend of baring all in various world destinations that started a few years ago is continuing.

And whilst many tourists have re-enacted the famous Walk of Shame scene from the HBO Game of Thrones series not many have one this far to assure total authenticity. Over the past few years Dubrovnik has been bombarded with these nude photos, and at least this latest one hid his behind with a well-placed track.


Telegraph has recently published a list of 16 most romantic European city breaks for 2018.

As they say, they bring an insider's guide to the most romantic hotels in Europe, including the best for cosy fires, rooftop restaurants, dramatic views, intimate bars, elegant bedrooms and vintage design, in locations including Rome, Venice, Paris, Barcelona, Dubrovnik, Florence and Madrid.

With the Valentine's Day coming up, this could be an useful list for all those that are planning a romantic getaway with their lovers.

-Dubrovnik's Old Town takes you back centuries, along cobble-d streets lined by noble Baroque stone buildings. Outside the medieval city walls, bathe in the deep blue Adriatic at trendy Banje beach, or catch a taxi-boat to Lokrum islet, with its botanical garden and peacocks. Tour the wineries of Pelješac peninsular to taste velvety red Dingač and eat fresh oysters at Ston. After dark, dine by candlelight at Proto in Dubrovnik's Old Town or at Orsan overlooking the yachting marina- Telegraph writes about Dubrovnik and offers you a perfect romantic plan. Here you can see the other cities that made the list.

We might be a little bias, but just as Telegraph, we find Dubrovnik one of the most romantic city breaks too. Discover top five reasons to spend Valentine's Day in Dubrovnik.

The head of Konavle municipality Bozo Lasic and the president of Society of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiques (DPDS), Niko Kapetanic signed a contract to hand over the fortress management at Prevlaka to the hands of Society.

DPDS will manage the fortress for 20 years as they agreed to put in order the fortress, open the aquarium and museum of Austro-Hungarian maritime memorabilia.

Previously Konavle municipality signed a contract with the state property ministry, whereby the Prevlaka fortress was returned to Konavle municipality.

The Office of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County in Brussels in cooperation with Matica Hrvatska in Brussels, the Croatian Tourist Board Representation and the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in the Kingdom of Belgium are organizing the celebration of Saint Blaise, Dubrovnik patron saint, for the fifth time in Brussels.

This year's celebration will start on January 28th by reading the proclamation of the Festival in front of the cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula, with the releasing of doves as a symbol of freedom and peace. Festanjuli are Ivica Srsen and Bozo Butigan. After the opening of the Festival, traditional Kandelora Dinner will be held at the Vinograd restaurant with the vocal group Kase.

On the following day, January 29th at the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in the Kingdom of Belgium, a lecture will be given by the director of the Dubrovnik Museums Pavica Vilac on the topic "St. Blaise and Dubrovnik ", as well as the opening of the Dubrovnik Wine week with the vocal group Kase in the wine bar Bois Tranquille. Presentation of the "Enology of Dubrovnik-Neretva County" to journalists and travel agencies from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg will be held by Franica Milos of the Regional Development Agency DUNEA and Sommelier Ivo Ivanis with a taste of golden wines and winners of last year's Festiwine.

Partners of the St. Blaise celebration in Brussels are the Office of the Representative in the European Parliament Mrs. Dubravka Suica, Representation of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce in Brussels, Tourist Board of the City of Dubrovnik and Tourist Board of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

By completing the criminal investigation of police officers of the Police Station Dubrovnik and the Police Station of Ploce, 66-year-old Austrian citizen is suspected of two criminal offenses of fraud.

He is suspected that from January 9th until January 12th this year he used the services of accommodation in one hotel in Ploce and left the hotel without paying a stay, which is a cost of almost 1,300 Kuna. Same thing happened in Dubrovnik, where he stayed in one hotel from January 13th to 16th, not paying the bill which was 5,500 Kuna.

The Austrian citizen has been handed over to the detaining officer of the Police Administration of Dubrovnik Neretva County, in addition to the criminal charges.


The days of a blind turn into Cavtat from the main road will soon be behind us as a reconstruction project is currently underway. Creating a safer and wider entrance into the road to Cavtat has been in the pipeline for decades, but now the project is in the final stages. All the documentation required has long been collected, the process of expropriation and the purchase of land has been completed and the works are being carried out with full intensity.

"For decades we have been waiting for the beginning of works that will solve the traffic jams that have caused great dissatisfaction for locals and guests. The process of designing and getting all the necessary permits has been going on for too long, but luckily it is now behind us and it is time for Cavtat to get an entry road it deserves due to the traffic load during the season. The works should end by September this year, and the value of the project is almost HRK 20 million,” commented the mayor of Konavle Božo Lasić.

The contract for reconstruction, worth HRK 19.38 million, was signed in May by the President of the Croatian Road Administration, Josip Škorić, and CEO of Osijek-koteksa, Zoran Škorić. The President of the Croatian Road Administration said on that occasion that this project would solve a dangerous crossing and a big problem.


The beauties of the Dubrovnik region are being presented in the Spanish capital, Madrid, at one of the most important travel fairs on the Iberian Peninsula. Starting today the trade fair will last until the 21st of January and the Dubrovnik – Neretva County Tourist Board is attending on the stand of the Croatian National Tourist Board stand.

The FITUR fair in Madrid traditionally attracts both travel agents and tourism professionals as well as the general public looking for inspiration on where to holiday this year.

"This is our fourth consecutive presentation at this fair, and due to the abolition of the Croatian Tourist Board's representation in Spain, as well as the steady growth in arrivals and tourist nights from Spain, visitors are visiting our booth in large numbers,” commented the County Tourist Board.


All smiles on the Dubrovnik stand in Madrid 


Festa Dubrovnik is a multi-day event that will be held for an impressive 17th time in Dubrovnik! It’s a traditional introduction to one of the most important festivities in Dubrovnik – St. Blaise Festivity (Dubrovnik patron saint) and it collects money for restoration of the church of St. Blaise. 

-We can't say no to Saint Blaise! – said one of the organizers Slobodan Vlasic at the press conference held at the Valamar Lacroma Hotel, adding that every year they try to enrich the program, without any personal interest.
And it's a rich program indeed. It was presented by Darija Mikulandra.


-Dubrovnik lives during the winter too! Program is colorful and rich – Mikulandra explained.
Festa Dubrovnik will all start on January 20th at 6 pm in Bursa Theatre with rather special event – presentation of one of the classics of Dubrovnik literature ‘Dundo Maroje’, which was translated by Filip Krenus.

-This is an important, praiseworthy project – Marin Ivanovic, director of MOMA Dubrovnik emphasized, adding that more classics should be translated.

Five days later, on January 25th, Vocal group festivity will be held at 8 pm in the Marin Drzic Theatre.

Vicko Dragojevic, founder of vocal group Kase, said that almost every vocal group from Dubrovnik will be a part of this festivity and that he’s really proud because of that.

Vocal groups that will take part at this concert are: Amfora, Atlant, FA Lindo, Karaka, Kase, Dubrovnik Airport vocal group, Kolafjaka, Kurenat, Ladeste, Maestral, Ostro, Ragusavecchia, Skontradura, Subrenum. Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra will also be a part of this concert with their quartet.

Dubrovnik Rock Parade will be held again in the Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik (MOMA Dubrovnik) on January 26th at 7 pm, and as Zarko Dragojevic stated, will gather musicians of almost every age group. There will be Dariva/Toboggan, Valetudo, Embassy 516, Ad Libidum, Lapadske Tratincice, Banditen Strasse, D&F and Dapal Band.

-Rock Parade was a great event last year because it brought us new guests-explained the director Ivanovic, adding that they were the most visited cultural institution in 2017.

The Beatles Revival Orchestra is one of the most interesting events of this festivity. It will be held by Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra and their guests on January 27th at 8 pm in Hotel Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik. The guests will be: Radojka Sverko, Neno Belan, Buco Pende, Stijepo Gled Markos, Ines Trickovic, Maja Grgic, Doris Kosovic, Mia Negovetic and musical producent Olja Desic. 

The director of Dubrovnik Symphony Orchesta (DSO), Damir Milat was really proud because DSO takes a big part of this FESTA.

-The orchestra is a part of this City and it’s not only for people who enjoy classical music – Milat said, adding that these events are a proof that Dubrovnik is the city which works during the whole year.


On 28th of January at 9 pm you will get a chance to listen to Divas in the church of St. Blaise.
DSO Quintet will perform alongside with Jelena Stefanic (soprano), Andrea Maric (soprano), Dubravka Separovic Musovic (mezzo-soprano), Diana Hilje (mezzo-soprano) and Stefani Grbic at piano.

And what is a festivity with a little bit of food and wine?

On January 31st at 11 am there will be a workshop with traditional meals for St.Blaise Festivity (in cooperation with Desa Dubrovnik Association and Tourism and Catering School Dubrovnik) at Mimoza restaurant.

On February 1st you can enjoy an exhibition ‘Nas sveti Vlaho’ (Our St. Blaise) in the lobby of Marin Drzic Theatre.

And to end successful Festa Dubrovnik, the last day is reserved for a toast – Wine Festivity at Sponza Palce and Gradska Kavana at noon. Cheers!


The hottest topic in Dubrovnik tourism was once again under the spotlight yesterday as the Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Franković, met with a delegation from the leading cruise ship organisation, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA).

Dubrovnik has been struggling to cope with the sheer number of cruise ship passengers that disembark through the summer months and in recent years’ various tourism institutions have been engaged to find a solution. Rather controversially the mayor announced last year that the number of tourists allowed inside the historic Old City of Dubrovnik would be limited, this was a step to restrict the chaos of recent years.

This meeting between the largest cruise line organisation and the City of Dubrovnik yesterday was the first of its kind, proving that both sides seem determined to end the cruise ship disorganisation in the city. The lead theme on the agenda was the co-ordination of a more attractive arrivals schedule that would space out the docking of mega cruise ships throughout the week and therefore avoid the frantic weekend crush that has existed for years.

Mayor Frankovic is pushing to succeed where his predecessors have failed, and by bringing CLIA to the table in Dubrovnik and the very least he has started a dialogue.

"I would very much like to thank CLIA as the first leading organization that decided to sit down with a mayor and talk about the problems we face and how to solve them in the future,” commented Frankovic after the meeting.

This year Dubrovnik can expect to receive around 766,000 cruise ship passengers on 484 cruise ships. In 2017 there were 742,000 passengers on 538 ships. But in spite of this slight increase in passengers the mayor is confident that talks with CLIA will show an improvement in the overall organisation.

“We have reached a number of agreements and it is certain that this will be visible this year in the number of guests in the destination. This is not about preventing guests arriving in Dubrovnik, as some have tried to show off maliciously. This is about managing tourism,” added the mayor.

clia mets dubrovnik mayor

Mayor of Dubrovnik meets with CLIA - Photo Niksa Duper

The Director of Public Administration Affairs CLIA Europe, Nikos Mertzanidis, shared the sentiment and confidence of the mayor, stressing that CLIA understood the problems that Dubrovnik is facing. “I have come to this meeting with representatives of cruise companies who are very keen to share their ideas and we will be in constant communication with the port and mayor to find further solutions to the situation in Dubrovnik," Mertzanidis said.

The crowds and queues outside of the Old City of Dubrovnik, on the Pile Gate, where coaches drop of the passengers is traditionally a hotspot though the summer and causes long delays. The mayor is confident that this situation will be solved this year, “This summer we will manage the destination in a way that will not experience massive congestion, especially at the entrance of Pile. In the future, we will work together with Port Authority so that they can work on alignment with their schedule. In 2018, there are already a dozen “problematic” days, but after this meeting we believe that we will be able to “relax” these days, mainly by reorganising departure and arrival times,” concluded Frankovic.





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