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Ivana Smilović

Ivana Smilović

Ivana Smilović – a senior journalist at The Dubrovnik Times. Born and raised in Dubrovnik, Ivana (or Smile as she is known to all) graduated Media Studies from the University of Dubrovnik. A book worm, coffee addict and want-to-be world traveller Ivana brings her unique local insight, connections and general optimistic and well smiley feel to the Times.


If you ask Vlad Chiricheș what are the benefits of not passing FIFA World Cup qualifications, he would probably say – the fact that you can have a holiday, while your colleagues are losing their nerves in Russia.

Romanian professional footballer who plays for Italian club Napoli and the Romania national team has published a photo from Dubrovnik at his official Instagram profile followed by more than 100 thousand people. Photo shows him and his wife Sabrina at the Srd Mountain with Lokrum and Dubrovnik beneath them.

We are wondering if he will watch the game tonight in one of Dubrovnik bars or he is having a non-football holiday.

MOMA Dubrovnik will have a professional guidance through the multimedia exhibition ‘Line of the Cancelled Horizon' by Ivona Vlasic on Saturday, June 23rd, at 10 am, within the program "Saturday Coffee in the Gallery". This is also the last opportunity for all those who have not yet seen an exhibition to visit it – because it will be closed on Sunday, June 24th.

Unlike previous times, this time the exhibition will be guided by the artist, Ivona Vlasic, with the director of Museum of Modern Ard Dubrovnik, Marin Ivanovic. Do not miss the opportunity to find out where and how one of your favorite Dubrovnik artists finds inspiration for their work.

"Saturday Coffee in the Gallery" is part of a rich program of the MOMA Dubrovnik, with which they want to get closer to locals and visitors to Dubrovnik, offering them a different experience of a cultural institution. Each new exhibition is an opportunity to expand and upgrade the already traditional program that the Dubrovnik audience has recognized and excellently accepted.

After expert guidance, all visitors will be able to refresh themselves with coffee and juices and enjoy their time on the terrace with the most beautiful view on the Old City.

The big day is here! Croatia will meet Argentina in the FIFA World Cup match at 8 pm and the excitement can be felt for days now.

Football mania has no limits, so Eurosport published funny and interesting video showing Newton, so called psychic parrot, who picks a winner of the match by kicking the ball on the small improvised football field.

When it comes to Croatia and Argentina, Newton has decided that the winner is… Croatia! We are not sure how accurate his predictions are, but we completely trust Newton.

Good luck to our team!

There's no better way to mark the first day of summer and World Music Day like a concert by the renowed Croatian cellist Ana Rucner in the amphitheatre on top of the Srd Mountain! Ana and her guests welcomed summer with numerous visitors this morning, at 5 am, enjoying beautiful music and sunrise. 

Ana Rucner was joined by Rucner String Quartet that celebrates 20th Anniversary of artistic activity, Marko Bosnjak – boy with amazing voice and Dominik Lucic – a talented pianist.

In this free concert, visitors were able to enjoy famous compositions such as Ashes of Celine Dion, Earth song and Childhood by Michael Jackson. This time Ana also included several of the spiritual compositions that perfectly matched the atmosphere. What a lovely way to start the summer!

Take a look at beautiful photos by Filip Basic below and feel the atmosphere. 

Ana Rucner1

Ana Rucner 1

Ana Rucner

Ana Rucner2

Ana Rucner3

Ana Rucner4

Ana Rucner5

Ana Rucner6


This weekend will be extended because of two state holidays. On Friday, June 22nd, is the Day of Anti-Fascist Fight, and on Monday, June 25th, the National Day, and many Croatians will use this opportunity to travel. 

That’s why Croatian Autoclub (HAK) published a traffic guide for the extended weekend.

-Our citizens will be traveling on Thursday, June 21st, when the traffic is expected to increase with intermittent interruptions, during the morning in cities and suburban roads, and in the early afternoon hours on motorways and major state roads – HAK explaines.

Crowds are also expected during Friday, June 22nd in the afternoon, and during Saturday, June 23rd in the morning. Returns are expected on Sunday, June 24th and Monday, June 25th, with crowds at the Lucko (A1 / A6) and Zagreb-East (A3) toll stations.

During the return, jams are expected at the borders with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. The crowds are also expected on the Lika Highway (DC1), Adriatic Highway (DC8), Krk and Krka Bridge near the tourist centers on the coast, ferry ports and on some sections where the road works are being done, which due to the beginning of the summer season is less and less.


Unfortunately, forecasters announce very bad weather conditions for Friday and Saturday afternoon. The rapid and sudden change of weather, especially in the west of the country and the northern Adriatic, will lead to major disturbances in regular traffic, both road and maritime. In road traffic, restrictions for certain groups of vehicles are expected and there’s possible seizure of ferry, catamaran and other shipping lines in the area.

-Due to very unfavorable weather conditions, we advise drivers to choose Saturday, June 23rd, instead of Friday, June 22nd for their trip- HAK writes.

They bring some tips for surviving this weekend on the roads:

• Prepare a car for driving
• Always have enough fluid, the best is water and natural juices;
• rest before the trip rest and regularly stop at rest stops during the longer journeys (every 2 hours driving);
• be well informed about the traffic situation at or the mobile application of HAK;
• Enjoy the fact that you are on vacation.

World Music Day will be celebrated all over Dubrovnik tomorrow! The City of Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik Tourist Board prepared numerous music programs in different parts of the city, as a part of the ‘’At the streets of our City’’ project.

The program starts at 5 am, when Ana Rucner will hold its "Hello Summer" concert in the amphitheater at Srd.

The central program starts at 7pm on Stradun, in front of the Church of St. Blaise, where vocal group Ragusavecchia will perform, followed by the female vocal group FA Lindo. From 10 pm, Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra will play some of the most famous themes of films, popular TV series and Latin hits, such as the music from the movies Godfather, James Bond, The Scent of Women, The Game of Thrones, then the well known Sway, New York New York, Volare, Guantanamera , Mahna de Carnival and many others.

The program is organized in two other locations: in the Lapad bay, at the fountain, at 10 pm vocal group Subrenum will perform and in Mokosica, next to café bar Kiss, at the same time vocal groups Kase and FA Lindo will sing.

Petrol prices in Croatia are at their highest levels for a year, with a litre costing up to 10.20 Kuna. A mass protest was held in Zagreb and all over Croatia on Friday to raise awareness for the rising fuel prices and another will be held today. 

However, this protest my cause a real traffic collapse because the one on Friday lasted about 10 minutes and this one is planned to last an hour – from 3:30 pm to 4:30.

From the City initiative 'Stop the petrol price hike' it was announced that this will be a big action, because from Friday they got a lot of messages from the citizens, waiting to do another protest. They also say that they were contacted by the Ministry of Finance, willing to talk. According to the police reports, 2572 vehicles blocked Croatian roads last week.

They sent a message to everyone who think about joining the action.

-Citizens are self-organizing and take part in the action at their own risk.It is important to provide a road for movement of the emergency, firefighters and police vehicles.In addition to the cars, pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, drivers of all categories are more than welcome to join the action... Pedestrians can be as successful as drivers by blocking traffic on pedestrian crossings – it was said from the initiative. contacted spokeswoman of Croatian Police Marina Mandic to check how the Police will react on the protest.

-As for the new protest on Wednesday, we are still calling for respect for traffic regulations because it allows safe and undisturbed traffic for everyone. Police officers will monitor the situation on the ground and will prosecute and penalize offenders who will initiate road stops, as this will endanger traffic and hinder the normal flow of traffic – Mandic said to Index and added that the police action would be directed precisely against the initiators of the car stop, and who these initiators are will be determinated on the spot.

The Sun, British website read by millions around the world, is following Football World Cup religiously, but has taken an interesting approach when it comes to Croatia. They recently published an article titled: ''HERE WE CRO - What is the name of the Croatian national anthem, and what do its lyrics translate to?''. 

- CROATIA are heading back to the World Cup - and hoping to match their 1998 run to the last-four. That performance 20 years ago is the high-point in their footballing history, but the current crop of players have the potential to produce a similar shock in Russia – writes the Sun, continuing with interesting facts about Croatian national anthem.

They write that it's called 'Lijepa nasa domovino', which means 'Our beautiful homeland'.

-Original lyrics were penned as long ago as 1835, with the tune and words adapted over the years. It wasn't until 1972 that the anthem was formally made official, whilst more lyrical changes were made between 1974 and 1990 – it's stated by The Sun.

It seems that they really loved our anthem, because there is also an English translation. So, here you go, enjoy: 

Our beautiful homeland,
O so fearless and gracious.
Our fathers' ancient glory,
May you be happy forever.
Dear, you are our only glory,
Dear, you are our only one,Dear, we love your plains,
Dear, we love your mountains.
Drava, Sava, keep on flowing,
Danube, do not lose your vigour,
Deep blue sea, tell the world,
That a Croat loves his people.
Whilst his fields are kissed by sunshine,
Whilst his oaks are whipped by bura's winds,
Whilst his ancestors lie buried,
Whilst his live heart beats.

You will able to hear it on Thursday, June 21st, at 8 pm, when Croatia meets Argentina.

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