Sunday, 22 July 2018

Gasoline prices in Croatia go up

By  May 15, 2018

Gasoline prices have increased again today. For the liter of Eurosuper 95, today it is necessary to pay between 10,22 and 10,26 kuna. The Eurodiesel liter price ranges between 9.83 and 9.99 kuna depending on the petrol station - 24 sata reports.
At some stations, for example on motorways or other specific locations, the prices might be even higher.

To compare - yesterday, the Eurosuper 95 cost on INA petrol stations was 10.04 kuna and today it is 10.23 kuna.
On average, according to the Ministry of Economy, an average price for the liter of gasoline in Croatia is now 10.41 kuna, and last week it was 10.29 kuna. Just a month ago, on April 16th, for a liter of gasoline, according to the Ministry of Economy, it was necessary to pay an average of 9.93 kuna.

The highest price of gasoline in Croatia was in April 2012, when oil in the world increased to $ 112. Eurosuper BS 95 costed 11.32 kuna per liter, Eurosuper BS 100 even 11.97 kuna per liter. Eurodizel BS was 10.24 kn per liter – 24 sata reports.

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