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National Day of Amblyopia National Day of Amblyopia

Croatia launches Amblyopia project for partially sighted

By  Sep 12, 2017

On marking the National Day of Amblyopia on the 12th of September, the Croatian Ministry of Health has introduced the project ''Amblyopia'' which was conducted by the Department of Ophthalmology, the Faculty of Medicine Osijek and the Clinical Hospital ''Sveti Duh'' in Zagreb under the sponsorship of the City of Zagreb.

The project is the largest of this type in ophthalmology that successfully treats visual impairments. Amblyopia is the leading cause of blindness in one eye, thus in order to prevent this disorder, it is necessary to recognize it in children's early years.

For this reason, a project of early detection of amblyopia was launched in September 2011, which lasted to June 2014. It was the world's largest project of paediatric ophthalmology, which included around 16,000 four-year old children in 60 kindergartens owned by the City of Zagreb and 11 private kindergartens on over 200 locations.

The Amblyopia project has a unique protocol on a worldwide basis, registered in the world's largest database of clinical trials, the National Institute of Health,

The Croatian Minister of Health Milan Kujundzic pointed out that Croatia is the first country in the world to introduce such a national register, but more importantly, all children will be registered and these 8 percent of four-year olds or around 3,500 children will be treated and healed and will get a chance to have a normal life.

According to Dr Mladen Busic, this disorder can be cured by the age of seven, in 90 percent of cases almost completely, whilst in other 10 percent the disorder can be significantly alleviated.

In order to treat it successfully, the most important is to detect the disorder in children at the age of four. Testing is painless, thus parents are recommended to test their children free of charge.




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