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Uber gets green light in Croatia Uber gets green light in Croatia

Uber to get green light for operations in Croatia

By  Aug 11, 2017

An evolution in the taxi service in Croatia is on the horizon. According to unofficial information, Uber will get the green light and continue its operations in the country.

A draft of the proposal for a new Road Transport Act is almost completed. It will be ready for public debate in September and then proceeded to the Croatian Parliament for adoption.

No significant opposition to the new Act is expected, because this proposal is a joint work of representatives of units of local self-government and the Ministry of Economy, rent-a-car companies, taxi drivers associations, and most importantly – Uber.

The Act is expected to come into force before the end of this year. It should also guarantee that Croatian citizens and their guests will no longer have to watch and be part of road scandals throughout the country.

During this summer, taxi drivers in Croatia twice massively protested against Uber drivers. Citizens witnessed stakeouts, terrible fights, and horrible traffic jams. Uber even organized a security service; however, the government and the Prime Minister Plenkovic as well as the Minister of Road Transport declared that Uber partners-drivers are operating illegally in Croatia and brought in an indictment proposal against the Uber application to be temporarily banned.

There are more open questions that the new Act should give the answer to, which will be acceptable to all parties because the existing law is more than inflexible.

Even though the Minister of Road Transport Oleg Butkovic does not want to comment on changes to the new Proposal, unofficial information state that Uber will stay in Croatia and will be treated as all other taxi drivers in the country who have all necessary permits and licences. Taxi drivers will have to accept the legislative novelties as well as a bigger competition due to the easier way of getting licences and permits in the future.

It is important to note that taxi drivers have had to cover quite many costs due to the extremely high regularity of taxi services, however, at the same time this regulative have protected them from competition and ensured them a privileged position.




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