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Safety to be improved with CSI team Safety to be improved with CSI team

Croatian CSI team to improve safety on country’s roads

By  May 18, 2017

Croatia has introduced its first CSI team for road traffic in order to make roads safer in the country.

The first group of Croatian inspectors completed their training with Slovenian colleagues by attending theoretical lectures, and now they are ready for their first assignment on roads throughout Croatia.

From now on, the Croatian CSI team for road traffic will approve each and every road project in the country in order to provide safety and security on Croatia's roads.

''During the training, we were given directions to observe details on the road that we have never noticed before in order to give our opinion on road improvement'', explained Denis Simunic, one of the Croatian road inspectors.

A lot of work is waiting for the CSI road traffic team. They have to observe each and every detail from all directions and angles, thus there will be no room for mistakes.

''It is a big responsibility and it is very difficult to estimate how much a human life is worth because it is priceless, and each life you save is a big thing'', added Sasa Tomasic, the road inspector.

Marko Sostaric from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences at the University of Zagreb commented that the road inspectors have to evaluate and measure road visibility during the day and the night, quality of traffic signs, routes, road environment, as well as to check for any kind of obstacles, pillars or trees near the road that should not be there.

On the other hand, concessionaries and road managers have ordered these road measurements because they are subject to the European directive. However, they have to require the recommendations from the inspectors, but do not have to accept them.

The CSI road traffic team will monitor and evaluate around 1,600 kilometres of highways and state roads in Croatia.

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