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Even bees need a rest Even bees need a rest

First Croatian hotel for bees

By  May 17, 2017

‘’As our response to numerous hotels for solitary bees that are praiseworthy and are helping the solitary bees and other insects, we decided to make the first five-star hotel for bees in Croatia'', explained Tatjana Balja, the owner of the family farm (OPG) Balja.

The first Croatian hotel for bees is situated at the Balja's idyllic apiary on the edge of the town of Garesnica in the Bjelovar-Bilogora County. The family estate with a private pine forest bordered by flowers, a stream and a small pond offers an abundant acacia pasture, plenty of blackberries for nice and sweet meadow honey, as well as constant care and love for bees.

Apart from the possibility of bringing your beehive to this hotel and leaving the whole honey production process to the owners, for those who want to participate in honey extraction, there is a two-day seminar about the basics of beekeeping, with a usage of the organizers' protective equipment and the necessary tools for beekeeping. Accommodation is also provided in a charming apartment at the family farm.

So far, reactions to this project are very positive, many people call the hotel; smaller companies that want to have their own beehive for their employees, kindergartens, senior citizens etc. The capacity is limited in order to maintain a better quality of service in the first Croatian hotel for bees.

''It took us almost a year to launch this project. Every new beehive is our success, because we love beekeeping and we will not let the bees disappear. We want more people to get to know these creatures and to recognize their role in nature conservation'', emphasized Tatjana Balja.

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