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Unhappy Croatians according to new survey Unhappy Croatians according to new survey

Croatia gets sadder in the newest World Happines report

By  Ivana Smilovic Mar 20, 2017

Norway is the happiest country in the world according to The World Happiness Report released by the United Nations on the International Day of Happiness, today, the 20th of March. This report measures subjective well-being - how happy the people are and why.

The list was prepared on the basis of global research in 157 countries, where people marked a degree of happiness from 0 to 10, where zero represents the worst and ten the best possible life.

Croatia is on the 77th place with a score of 5.29, which is three places lower than last year and a full 15 places lower in relation to the report published in 2015, when the Croatian Happiness Index was 5.75.

When it comes to the happiest countries, Norway is ranked first with an average score of 7.53, ahead of Denmark (7.52), which was the happiest country last year. The third is Iceland, and in the top ten there are still Switzerland (which was the first two years ago), Finland, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Sweden.

Among the European Union countries only two countries are ''sadder'' than Croatia - Greece and Portugal.

The saddest countries in the world are Rwanda, Syria, Tanzania, Burundi and the Central African Republic where happiness on a scale up to ten is evaluated with three.




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