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Orion, the oldest Indo-European calendar Orion, the oldest Indo-European calendar

Unique beeswax souvenir from Vinkovci

By  Jan 12, 2017

Two years ago a beekeeper from Vinkovci came up with an idea to make an original souvenir of beeswax - a replica of the oldest European calendar. Recently he presented his new product to the public.

Goran Ferbezar, the beekeeper from Vinkovci in eastern Croatia made a vessel of beeswax, i.e. a replica of the Orion, the oldest Indo-European calendar. The thought that encouraged him to make this souvenir is an unused potential of the oldest settlement in Europe in the promotion of the Slavonian city. As he manufactures various beeswax products, he came up with an idea to create a replica of the Orion calendar.

Goran's friend who is a sculptor, helped him make a plaster model of the Orion vessel with engraved symbols which he used in making a rubber mould. ''I pour beeswax in this mould and create a beeswax replica. So far the reactions have been very positive; few companies from Vinkovci have already ordered my latest product. The Tourist Board of Vinkovci has also shown an interest in the beeswax replica as well as the City Museum which will include the replica in their offer of souvenirs'', explained Goran who has made 50 souvenirs in the last two months.

He also designed an attractive packaging for the replica with a short instructive explanation about Orion and the reason that makes this archaeological artefact such a remarkable finding.

The Orion vessel in Vinkovci was discovered by the archaeologist Aleksandar Durman at the site of the present-day Hotel Slavonia in 1978, however, he deciphered the meaning of the vessel symbols twenty years later.

After the examination of the vessel, Durman realized that engraved ornaments represented the constellations which dominated the night sky above Vinkovci.

The Orion vessel represents the oldest calendar in Europe which dates back to 2600 BC. The calendar is based on astral symbolism and was designed at the same time as the Sumerian and Egyptian calendars.




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