Sunday, 22 July 2018


Food glorious food

Aug 17, 2017
Food we all love it, some of us a little too much. Visiting a restaurant and having someone cook a meal for you is one of the great pleasures in…
“Fly me to the moon and let me swing among the stars,” sung the great Frank Sinatra. No thanks Frank I am afraid of heights. And I can remember to…
Summer in Dubrovnik is in full swing. Hot, sweaty, and exciting. There is something going on at every corner and there are people from all corners of the world on…
Simply put: I love driving. I love driving across Dalmatia/Croatia and I particularly enjoy the route Dubrovnik – Prague, usually alone with my two little daughters. I remember driving to…
My wife and I are running our own company. Those who have never worked alongside their spouse are waiting for the next sentence, while those who have already pretty much…
The first two letters of protest are PR and there is no doubt that today's taxi protest was a PR disaster. Whatever sympathy the public had with the battle between…
Bucket lists are depressing! The unbearable heat has forced me to have some very early mornings (and late nights) and plenty of time for my mind to wander. It’s always…
Partly cloudy



Partly cloudy
Humidity: 85%
Wind: SE at 17.70 km/h
Scattered thunderstorms
23°C / 25°C
Partly cloudy
23°C / 29°C
Scattered thunderstorms
25°C / 27°C
Scattered thunderstorms
25°C / 27°C

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