Sunday, 22 July 2018


More and more young and talented Croatians are leaving these shores in search for a brighter future. Since Croatia became a full member of the European Union in 2013 a…
For the second year running the melodic voice of Ines Trickovic will echo over the island of Lokrum. On the eve of a concert by the talented Dubrovnik born jazz…
Stephan Behringer from Würzburg, Germany is certainly no stranger to learning languages; he speaks a grand total of ten. Whilst travelling in Dubrovnik he heard about the free mini-courses of…
Young psychologist from Argentina Leandro Javier Lorusso is not just a regular tourist – he decided to use his vacation time in Dubrovnik for volunteering! He joined Dubrovnik Caritas and…
Dubrovnik has its first free dive centre. Don’t worry we didn’t know what free diving was until we Googled it, and then we were worried that we would have to…
Eva LaRue, or as most of you probably recognise her Det. Natalia Boa Vista from CSI Miami, has turned her career path from acting to her other passion travelling. And…
Mahmut Orhan might be young, but is already world known as a DJ and producer. His next stop is Dubrovnik, or more precisely – Revelin, where he will play as…
Partly cloudy



Partly cloudy
Humidity: 85%
Wind: SE at 17.70 km/h
Scattered thunderstorms
23°C / 25°C
Partly cloudy
23°C / 29°C
Scattered thunderstorms
25°C / 27°C
Scattered thunderstorms
25°C / 27°C

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