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The lack of quality workers in the tourism and hospitality industry in Croatia is a problem that has been tormenting Croatian employers for years.

The quest for seasonal workers has already begun this January because neither the increased quotas for employing foreigners nor the currently 187,000 unemployed Croatian citizens are a guarantee that there will be enough workers for the upcoming tourist season.

The prolongation of the tourist season and changes on the Croatian labour market only make the problem even bigger than it already is.

In order to facilitate the finding of a quality labour force, the Croatian Government has decided that accommodation and food costs for seasonal workers will be tax deductible this year, thus, leaving employers more money for workers’ salaries.
Furthermore, considering the situation in the country as a result of a massive migration wave of Croatians to other EU countries in search of a better life, the Ministry of Labour suggested increasing the number of working permits for foreigners to almost 30,000.

The Croatian Chamber of Commerce has seen this move as a short-time measure that will enable the realization of the upcoming tourist season; however, a long-term solution should be sought in the dual vocational education.
The Ministry of Tourism sees the solution in the activation of domestic labour force on the domestic labour market, primarily through re-qualifications.

Currently, around 2,000 people are being included in the re-qualification for tourist professions. According to some estimates, the summer season 2018 will require additional 10,000 to 15,000 tourist workers.



As the skiing season has already started, school holidays are in progress, the holiday of Holy Three Kings is tomorrow, a large number of tourists will return to Western European countries, while Croatian citizens will go to the Italian, Austrian, Slovenian and French ski resorts. Therefore, since today (January 5th) and during the whole weekend increased traffic is expected on Croatian roads and border crossings – it’s reported from the Ministry of the Interior (MUP). Because of this, a sufficient number of police officers will be engaged in border control to ensure the maximum flow of passengers at the most loaded border crossings.

In case of bigger crowds at certain border crossings, police will redirect traffic to less loaded border crossings. During the redirection of traffic, the police will take preventive measures to maintain a favorable state of public order as well as traffic safety.

In order for the citizens of the Republic of Croatia and other EU countries, as well as the Swiss Confederation to avoid long-term waiting, the MUP suggest using smaller border crossings in the vicinity. On the flow of traffic at border crossings and alternative border crossings, as well as road conditions, citizens can be informed on HAK web site.

-We appeal to citizens to stick to traffic regulations, and especially not to sit in their cars under the influence of alcohol, to respect the speed limitations, to wear safety belts, to take care of safe placement of children in the vehicle and not to use the mobile phones while driving. It’s necessary to adjust the speed of the vehicle to conditions and to comply with the instructions of the police officers on the ground – MUP writes.

Croatian real estate is on the radar for the Dubai based property giant DAMAC International.

"Croatia has a lot to offer, picturesque places for residential communities as well as an attractive tourist destination, which is a huge potential for accommodation projects," commented the Senior Vice President of International Business at DAMAC, Wael Al Lawati. He added that he sees the potential of real estate locations in Istria, Dalmatia and Dubrovnik.

The reason for DAMAC’s sudden interest in Croatia relies on a recent visit by the President of DAMAC, Hussain Sajwanja, to the country and a business meeting with the President of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar – Kitarović. The pair met in July last year and apparently discussed some possible future co-operation in the real estate sector. It would appear that these meetings have proved constructive.

"DAMAC has the capital and resources to realize large-scale projects with the right local partners and in cooperation with the government, and we could soon announce a big project in Croatia," said Al Lawati.

Could that project be a golf course or hotel resort? In Dubai the company has built a number of residential complexes as well as golf course resorts. In fact, the Trump International Golf Club Dubai, which was opened by Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump in February last year, is one of the jewels in their property empire.



Most popular and most awarded Croatian photographers have released an excellent new time-lapse video showing all the charms of Croatia’s natural heritage.

After the impressive time-lapse videos of Hvar, Baranja, Motovun, Šibenik, the National Park Krka and others, Mario Romulić and Dražen Stojčić from Osijek have shown their crazy skills again with this masterpiece video with stunning scenes of Croatia’s nature.

‘’Timeless Beauty’’ is the first video which Romulić & Stojčić studio made for the Croatian Ministry of Tourism, but it isn’t the last as they are planning to film another one dedicated to Croatia’s historical and cultural heritage.

Finally, the Ministry of Tourism is waking up to the idea that promotion needs a slice of creativity. Croatia already has plenty to offer on all fronts, it just needs promoting with a modern touch.

Check out the glorious time-lapse video



Croatia is about to see the light of the first picture book about same gender families this month.

On the 18th of January, the Rainbow Families Association (Dugine Obitelji) in Croatia will introduce to the public the first picture book about same gender families with children.

The Association gathers around twenty same gender couples with children who decided to publish a picture book for their children as well as for all other children in order for them to comprehend that it is perfectly all right to have two mothers or two fathers in their life.

same gender book first ever croatia

‘’There are already several picture books in Croatia (translations of foreign editions) that mention families with same gender parents, most often when describing different types of families. We wanted to make one just for Croatia’’, explained the Association coordinator Danijel Martinović.

Martinović also added that the first 500 copies would be distributed to schools and kindergartens who expressed their wish to have this particular picture book. They are mostly from Zagreb as well as from other parts of Croatia.

However, the picture book will not be available for sale. Those who fail to get their copy will be able to download it for free on the Association website where a special form could be found for those who would like to have a printed copy. In case of a larger number of printed copy requests, the Association will publish the second edition.

This interesting picture book will also be available in German, English, Italian and French.

The main characters of the picture book are children who describe their family, an ordinary family with same gender parents.
‘’We wanted our families to be more visible. As there are families with a single parent, or with adopted children, thus there are families with same gender parents’’, concluded Martinović.



Game of Thrones will feature on a set of 15 first class stamps in the UK to highlight the British contribution to the series.

The stamps, which are sure to be scooped up by collectors and fans of the HBO series, will show ten main characters from the series.

Whilst the backgrounds to the famous characters, such as Jon Snow, Ayra Stark and Daenerys Targaryen, show scenes from the serial and one of the clearly shows a Dubrovnik based scene. The collection’s release comes ahead of the eighth and final series, which is currently in production.

game of thrones stamps

tyron lannister stamp



“Croatians really don’t know how to park very well,” comments the author of this funny video. He could have quite easily have said drivers in Dubrovnik don’t know how to park as this video was shot in a supermarket carpark in the Port of Dubrovnik.

Published on the Daily Mail website already a million people have seen and commented on this parking performance around the world.

Check out this parking video and make your own conclusions

A strong earthquake shook Montenegro just before noon and was felt in Dubrovnik too. According to information from Vijesti the earthquake was 5.2 magnitude on the Richter scale. 

The epicenter was near the city Plav, on the Visitor Mountain at a depth of five kilometers.

After the initial earthquake, ten minutes later, a new earthquake could be felt, magnitude 3.2 on the Richter scale.

This caused panic all over Montenegro. In Dubrovnik, the situation is much calmer, since the intensity of the earthquake was much considerably lower.






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