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Good Food Festival is one of the most favourite festivals in Dubrovnik and it again proves why. One part of rich programme was held today morning in the Tourist Information Centre at Pile – the presentation of Mandarica by Jadre Nicetic and Lucija Tomasic. Ladies did their best to present this special and yet simple dessert. Jadre researched it and Lucija prepared it.

IMG 3162

Mandarica is an old forgotten cake, quite similar to pudding, that in the past Dubrovnik ladies prepared often. It’s special because it’s made with rice flour combined with rose water (commonly and gladly used in Dubrovnik) in pudding moulds. In the past rice for making sweets was milled in the special small household millstones. This cake is mentioned by the writer Josip Bersa in his book  ̋Dubrovacke slike i prilike ̋ and the art historian Cvito Fiskovic also left us a written record of this cake.

IMG 3159

It is sure that Madarica was made back in 18th century and it’s possible that it was made even long time ago – in 16th century. However, in 1950’s it started disappearing and it’s almost not consumed nowdays. One of the reasons is surely an invention of pudding powder, which is easily mixed (even though Mandarica is quite simple to do too).

IMG 3168

One of the goals of this presentation is to bring back Mandarica, especially in Dubrovnik restaurants. Since we had the chance to try it, we sure hope that Mandarica will make a comeback!
Good Food Festival continues until Sunday, October 22nd.

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Australians clearly love Croatian bread and bakery products. Mlinar, one of Croatia’s largest and most well established bakery, has opened its second outlet in Australia. Last year Mlinar opened its first bakery in Australia, in Sydney, and after a year of successful business has expanded with another store this time in a suburb of Sydney, Liverpool.

This move into the international market for Mlinar isn’t the only one as the company have also been making huge steps in Germany with a statement saying that they plan to open 150 bakeries over the next five years.

One of the largest retail chains in Europe DM-drogerie markt recorded great results in Croatia in the business year 2016/2017.

According to Mirko Mrakuzic, the director of DM Croatia, in the business year 2016/2017, which ends in September for DM, the company achieved a total turnover of 2.1 billion Kunas or 5.4 percent growth.

‘’In the past business year, ‘’DM’’ has invested more than 74 million Kunas in the modernization of 37 stores, a new logistics centre and the opening of two specialized departments for non-prescription medicinal products’’, explained Mrakuzic.

Markuzic also announced that in the next business year ‘’DM’’ will invest 90 million Kunas in the modernization of 40 stores and the development of assortments.

Over the past business year, DM's stores were visited by more than 86,000 customers every day, and the average purchase was around 76 Kunas.

DM Croatia employs 1,399 people in 157 stores in 60 cities throughout Croatia. According to data from DM the average monthly net salary in stores is around 1,200 Euros.

The challenges facing Dubrovnik’s tourism industry, from the explosion of Game of Thrones tourists to the constant flood of cruise ships, has been making the news all over the world. Dubrovnik is certainly no longer in the shadows as a tourist destination, far from it, it is now and has been for the past few years well placed in the middle of the spotlight.

International film productions, such as Star Wars, Robin Hood and in particular Game of Thrones, have opened the city to a whole new generation of tourists. The growing number of American tourists is clear evidence that movie tourism is now one of the main sources of tourism to the city. In 2016 the second most numerous guests to Dubrovnik were Americans, which when you take into account that there are no direct flights from the US to Croatia goes to show the pull of the HBO serial.

One of the largest TV stations in Brazil, yes the Game of Thrones is truly a global phenomenon, Globo broadcast a program about Dubrovnik and the Game of Thrones syndrome and invited the editor of The Dubrovnik Times, Mark Thomas, to give his opinion.


One of the most iconic hotels in Dubrovnik will be closed for this Christmas and New Year season.

The five-star Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik has announced that from the 1st of November 2017 to the 15th of April 2018 the hotel will be closed for a complete refurbishment of the rooms and bar area.

The Hilton Imperial is one of the few Dubrovnik hotels that is open all year round and is always busy over the festive period.

view from imperial dubrovnik

View over the Old City of Dubrovnik from Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik 

In Croatia, Slavonia is considered as a region that has excellent food, especially meat. And last night Dubrovnik locals and guests had the perfect chance to try the tastes of Srijem and Slavonija as a part of Good Food Festival in the restaurant Mimoza.

Srijem and Slavonija


Slavonian hospitality is well known all across the region, so it’s not a surprise that guests felt at home last night. They were welcomed with scented plum brandy and made toasts with the famous wines from the gentle slopes of Fruska Gora mountain.

Food that included variety of cheeses, meat, ‘sarma’, pasta and all sort of homemade receipts was delicious and the whole atmosphere was cheerful, especially with live music – tamburitza, of course!

The Good Food Festival continues with its rich programme today and will last until Sunday, October 22nd.


good food cakes 22

Srijem and Slavonija 3

sarma dubrovnik

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slavonia cheese dubrovnik

mimoza dubrovnik


The Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ) launched a new promotional campaign ''Epic Week in Croatia'' in April with the goal of encouraging ''fans'' on social networks and other potential tourists to create their dream vacation in Croatia.

So far, the campaign successfully has reached almost 40 million people and attracted more than 50,000 new fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

The main goal of the Croatian Tourist Board was to additionally position Croatia as a tourist destination with a rich and wide offer where everyone can find something for themselves, whether it is cultural and active tourism, entertainment or quality vacation and enjoyment in nature. As part of the campaign, the HTZ also organized a prize game with a trip for two in Croatia main prize.

Apart from posts by the HTZ on social networks, posts of Croatian Olympic athletes and foreign bloggers greatly contributed to the visibility of this creative campaign.

‘’This is a very successful sequel of the promotional campaign which in its first version reached almost 13 million people and attracted more than 10,000 new fans on the Croatian Tourist Board social networks profiles. The second part of the campaign yielded even better results and made us very happy. Nowadays social networks and new media represent one of the most important communication channels thus we will, in accordance with this fact, design, create and implement a significant part of all our future promotional activities’’, commented the director of the HTZ Kristjan Stanicic.

Within the second part of ‘’Epic Week in Croatia’’, all participants had an opportunity to create their ideal vacation in a way that on a specially designed campaign website they chose the top seven out of 200 activities in Croatia that would make their dream vacation. Participants could also choose locations, the sights, cities, as well as tastes they would like to experience while in Croatia. Those who shared the top seven activities on their profiles on social networks, entered the prize game, whilst participants with the largest number of ‘’likes’’ made it to the final.

The person with the best-argued description of why he/she deserved the award won the main prize. This time it was a contestant from Italy. She made a creative and original presentation about Croatia as a tourist destination and stated the reasons why she deserved a trip for two within which she experienced the seven activities she had chosen for her dream vacation.

Good Food Festival started today with its rich programme and will last until Sunday, October 22nd. One of the numerous special events is surely a workshop called ‘Hello Tereza!’’, that explained everybody interested how to prepare vegetarian brunch or dinner.

IMG 3104

Workshop host was Tereza Poljanic and it was held at Tourist Information Centre Pile.  The host was energetic, sweet and talkative. She encouraged people to meet and talk, as well as to help her and learn something new. All the visitors got the chance  to try soka and banana cake and honestly – it was delicious!

IMG 3118

It’s good to know that Tereza is a communications graduate, certified vegan chef and an expert on healthy eating. She  graduated from the Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy in Los Angeles and she currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand. She is the author of the blog ‘’Teresamisu ̋, two cookbooks and the host of ̋Zdravo, Tereza! ̋ (or ̋Hello, Tereza ̋), which is broadcasted on the popular Slovenian television channel Pop TV.

IMG 3115

Tereza admits that she is completely in love with healthy eating. She never counts calories and she makes sure that she only consumes ecologically grown, high-quality foods that give energy and provide wellbeing. Her most popular dishes are red vegetarian burgers with crispy potatoes, flour-less green pizza and her rich vegan chocolate cake with a creamy glaze. She is currently exploring Dalmatian and Dubrovnik cuisine. Her workshops are presented in a way that can be a starting point for anyone who wants to find their own healthy culinary identity.

IMG 3093

She will have another workshop tomorrow, also in the Tourist Information Centre Pile at 5 pm. This one carries the name ‘’Fermentation, the new ‘’super-food’’.  If it will be good as this one, it’s well worth a visit.


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