Sunday, 25 June 2017


“It is a stunning country and I recommend it highly. I would rank it in my top three,” commented Jason Pires, the co-anchor of the popular CTV Morning Live Vancouver…
Located in the very heart of the Old City of Dubrovnik the LAJK Restaurant is a gem in the city’s culinary crown. This time we decided to “start our engines”…
Dubrovnik is known throughout the world for its role as King's Landing in the globally popular serial Game of Thrones. Many of the main actors have been in Dubrovnik filming…
Dubrovnik has always been an international city, attracting millions of tourists every year. There is also a relatively large international community who have decided, for one reason or another, to…
Our resident "Style Guru" has been scanning the streets of Dubrovnik this week for the latest and greatest in fashion.
The world popular actress and singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus was a guest at the ''Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'' a few days ago. On this occasion, Fallon made Cyrus sing popular…
Every week The Dubrovnik Times goes to new levels for your pleasure. This time it’s all about culinary pleasure. We have scoured the menus of Dubrovnik to bring you our…
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Mostly sunny
Humidity: 48%
Wind: SW at 11.27 km/h
Mostly sunny
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Mostly sunny
23°C / 27°C
Mostly sunny
23°C / 27°C
Mostly sunny
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