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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - The editor and big chief of The Dubrovnik Times. Born in the UK he has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 1998, yes he is one of the rare “old hands.” A unique insight into both British and Croatian life and culture, Mark is often known as just “Englez” or Englishman. He is a traveller, a current affairs freak and a huge AFC Wimbledon fan.


The CMA 2016 Corona Sunsets Festival is just a day away! The centre of the Festival is the Banje Beach, a world-famous beach and tourist pearl of the city of Dubrovnik. If you want a party with a view, well this is a perfect location – listening to music, dancing the night away with a perfect look to the Old City and the island of Lokrum.

Until just a few weeks ago this festival was named Croatia Music Adventures but global brand Corona fell in love with the festival and ranked it alongside their festivals in Mexico, Japan, Uruguay, Monte Carlo ... The relationship has developed and now the festival has been re-named to include the Corona Sunsets brand.

In two days dozen of DJ's will perform on five different stages but the headliners of this exclusive festival will be SIGMA and CLEAN BANDIT DJ SET.

Reserve next two nights for the CMA 2016 Corona Sunsets Festival!

Luxury travel magazine Condé Nast Traveller has recently published an article about selfie-taking tourists that are causing damage to the sixteen waterfalls and extensive forests while straying from the wooden walkways in Plitvice Lakes National Park.

-We have four words if you're headed to any national park around the world: stay on the path – writes the author and adds the details about the oldest and the most visited national park in Croatia, one of the being the possibility to lose the UNESCO status because of the damage caused by overcrowding and consruction of vacation homes nearby.

They also have a statement by Katarina Poljak, guardian of nature at the park, saying that visitors are no longer satisfied with sticking the trails but are roaming beyond them to get away from the crowds and get nice photos.

Earlier this month a Canadian man almost fell down a 75-metre cliff top in the Plitvice Lakes national park as he edged further back he fell and was only saved as tree branches broke his fall. The 20 year-old Canadian was lucky, although he did suffer serious injuries according to a police report. This is not the first time that a photo in the Plitvice Lakes has been dangerous, just last year a Slovak tourist fell from the same spot as died whilst taking a photo.

Condé Nast Traveller  writes that the other parks around the world have been facing similar problems: in June, one man died after venturing 225 yards off a path in Yellowstone National Park and falling into a hot spring.

The first movie about the adventures of Winnetou, the legendary Indian chief from the novels of Karl May, was filmed in Croatia in 1962. After that, nine more films were filmed by the West German filmmakers in co-production with the Croatian film house Jadran film at various Croatian locations such as the National Park Paklenica, the National Park Krka and the National Park Plitvice Lakes, as well as on the mountain of Velebit, in the canyon of the Zrmanja River near Zadar, etc.

Last year the trilogy about the new Winnetou adventures was filmed at twenty locations in Croatia by the producer Philipp Stölzl and should be launched this year. After the filming was over the set locations had to remain untouched and in secret until the film was distributed.

The new Roswell, a mythical cowboy town which Karl May made famous in his novels, was built near Fuzine in the heartland of the Gorski Kotar region in the Primorje-Gorje County for the filming of new Winnetou, and is quickly becoming a new tourist attraction.
With the permission of the production team, in the forest only 5 kilometres from Fuzine, a film set of the western town will open its doors to tourists. Fans of Winnetou have already showed great interest in touring the famous set and are even starting to become very impatient. Tourists have even managed to find their own way to the cowboy town by using their GPS devices.

In the famous western town there are dozens of various objects – a meat market, a brewery, a Chinese laundry, a sheriff's office, a notorious Yuma prison, a few empty coffins, as well as the railway connecting the town to Fuzine. The founders of the town in the new Winnetou film are gold diggers who resell their gold in Rijeka – the Governor's Palace.

Apart from the natural beauties the Winnetou producers were thrilled with one more thing – natural disasters. After the forest cutting by the state company Croatian Forests (Hrvatske šume d.o.o.) which had to be done due to the freezing of trees, many craters remained in the forest in which the producers saw a great opportunity for their natural film set.

For all lovers of western films, the film industry and unusual tourist attractions this film set will be a real treat. It will also improve the tourist business in the region placing it on the list of world famous film locations.

Although there is still no official announcement nor confirmation from the Croatian Football Federation (HNS), the Croatian national football team looks likely to play a friendly match against England at London's Wembley Stadium on the 1st of September, reports the English media.

According to the English newspapers, Croatia will face England in its first official match with the new coach Sam Allardyce. Four days later England is to play the first qualifying match against Slovakia for 2018 FIFA World Cup. As the warm-up match against the Czech Republic was cancelled, England chose Croatia as its opponent. The Croatian football team welcomes Turkey in the qualifying match at an empty Maksimir stadium on the 5th of September 2016.

Croatia have played three times against England at Wembley Stadium and recorded a victory, a draw and a defeat. In a friendly match in 1996 there were no goals, at the mythical stadium in November 2007 Croatia beat England 3-2 and halted the English selection with Steve McLaren on their way to the Euro 2008. But in September 2009 England finally took ''revenge'' on Croatia in the qualifying match for World Cup 2010 by defeating Croatia 5-1 which was one of the worst defeats in the history of the Croatian football team.

The overall record and lists of results show that England and Croatia played in seven matches so far; England won four times, Croatia twice whilst one match ended in draw.

As a part of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival movie programme, 'The Name of the Rose' will be shown tonight at the summer theatre Slavica at 9.30 pm.
It is a famous drama - thriller from 1986 directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, based on the novel of one of the greatest contemporary philosophers and writers Umberto Eco, with Sean Connery in the lead role.

In 1327 the renowned English Franciscan, who is played by the famous Sean Connery comes withs his student (Christian Slater) in the Benedictine Abbey in northern Italy, where he will discuss the future of the Catholic Church in which at that time there are several different, contradictory currents. Before most of the guests arrive, several mysterious murders happen. Although the festival audience has probably already read this classic of world literature, tense action of the film will not disappoint. On the contrary, since it was made, the movie keeps on attracting the audience.

During his vacation in Croatia, Formula One tycoon Bernie Ecclestone's mother in law has been kidnapped in Brazil, reports the Daily Mail.

The crime apparently happened on Friday. Mother of Ecclestone's wife Fabiana Flosi, Aparecida Schunk was kidnapped near hear home in Sao Paulo.  It is said that kidnappers are demanding a ransom of 28 million pounds.

This is the largest amount of money ever requested in Brazil, which has hundreds of abductions every year.

Ecclestone, who is worth 3.1 billion dollars according to Forbes magazine, and is one of the most powerful men in the world of sport, married Fabiana Flosi in 2012, three years after they met at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

They were talking about this for the long time and now it has finally happened – the City Council has decided that in order to walk around the Old City of Dubrovnik you need to be dressed decently. For ladies that means no bikinis, and for guys – no torso showing.

They are quite serious about this because if you decide to come for a stroll right after the beach and you don't feel like putting on clothes, well, you'll pay the fine. the City Council had suggested this regulation a few months ago and last night at meeting of the council the law was passed. 

Showing your skin could cost you 1000 kuna, or around 133 euro or 146 dollars. If you decide to pay right on the spot you will pay half the price, but it still isn't worth it. So cover up or pay up! 

torso showing stradun

Cover up or pay up! This show would cost 1,000 Kuna per person

At the beginning of this July Joe Sultana, the director of Network Manager Directorate at the Eurocontrol, visited the Airspace Organisation Croatia Control (HKZP) to address problems with delays in Croatian airspace which in June amounted to 96,000 minutes i.e. two minutes per flight.

The European Commission approved the HKZP co-financing of eight projects from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) funds. These projects worth 138 million Kunas will be 85 percent financed by the European Union or 117 million Kunas.

Croatia Control – Airspace Organisation says that the realisation of these projects will lead to better safety levels of air traffic and better service for air carriers. Six of these projects are part of SESAR cluster (Single European Sky ATM Research) for technical improvements in the air traffic management system. Apart from the financial support, the HKZP has also received 4.3 million Kuna from the European funds for the air traffic control radar at Zagreb Airport for the air traffic supervision and management of aircraft on the ground. So far air traffic controllers operated using visual contact from the tower.

Dragan Bilac, the director of the HKZP, says that the realisation of the projects co-financed by the European Union will significantly reduce the costs of airline companies and positively affect the prices of airline tickets.




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