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Orlando has the best location in the city, on the main square between the Sponza Palace and the Church of Saint Blaise. This stone column shows a medieval warrior who holds a sword and shield in his arms.

orlandos column dubrovnik


It was carved by domestic master Antun Dubrovcanin and master sculptor Bonino di Milano in 1418 and it's a symbol of the city's sovereignty and freedom.

On top of the column there's a small platform suited for public proclamations. According to legend from the 9th century, Orlando saved Dubrovnik from a 15-month long Saracen siege and the column was erected in Orlando's honour by the citizens.

However, that's only legend and the truth is that Orlando or Roland (in other parts of Europe) was used as a symbol of a city under protection of the Hungarian-Croatian King.

orlando croatia 

Last week the online BBC Three channel broadcasted the first episode of its new TV series titled ''Croatia 2017: The Brits Are Coming''.

The reality TV show follows a group of holiday-goers to Novalja, as they taste the party life on the island of Pag. BBC reports live from Croatia and explores the real lives of young people having a blast on the ‘’Croatian Ibiza’’.

After the reality show ‘’Love Island’’ broadcasted on the British commercial TV network ITV2 this year achieved tremendous success and gained huge popularity, even bigger that ‘’Big Brother’’ on Channel 5, other British TV networks are now trying to repeat their success, including BBC Three with its new reality show in Croatia.

You can check the first episode here

Richard Madden is coming to film in Croatia but this time it has nothing to do with the Game of Thrones. The British actor, world famous for his role as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones, will take on an entirely different role when he plays the main role in the movie “DJ Ibiza” which will partly be filmed on the island of Pag. This latest Netflix comedy sees Madden as a DJ who is the attention of three young girlfriends as they travel on a business trip.

Casting for extras for the upcoming movie has begun at the Westin Hotel in Zagreb and filming is expected to take place on Pag from the 13th to the 15th of September. All extras will be provided with transport, accommodation and food as well as a daily fee of 200 Kunas. They will be asked to perform in a party scene on Pag in a popular open-air nightclub.

dj ibiza croatia

Gillian Jacobs to play alongside Richard Madden 


DJ Ibiza a business woman, played by Gillian Jacobs, who travels to Spain with friends to close a big business deal. In Ibiza she falls in love with the renowned DJ, played by Madden, and realizes that there is more to life than the job she hates. Julia Roberts has also been mentioned as a possible star in the movie but further details as to which role she will possibly play are unknown as yet.

The director of “DJ Ibiza” is Alex Richanbach, who directed the successful comedy “We Are Young,” and the movie script was written by actress and screenwriter Lauryn Kahn. 

I have to admit I was a little shocked and even disappointed but I wasn’t surprised. Reading the report that the most profitable restaurants in Croatia in 2016 was McDonalds, the world famous golden arches are continuing their march across the globe.

I am not surprised because a) they have the biggest restaurant chain in Croatia and b) they spend the most on marketing. I am not a great fan of the American fast food outlet, ok I might have one a couple of times a year, but that’s about it. But I seem to be in a minority.

At the turn of the 20th century, people were eating mostly simple, home-cooked meals. Around 2009, about half of what people ate was fast food, or other foods away from home. Now that is pretty shocking. I remember when I first came to live here 19 years ago and admiring everyone’s thin waistline and stunning figures. At the time I put this down to the amount of steps people walked up every day, but in hindsight it probably had a lot to do with what they were eating. Regular home cooked meals prepared with love and care by mum. Unfortunately these “golden days” are becoming more and more a thing of the past.

You can probably put some of the blame down to the pace of life today. People just don’t have the time to spend cooking, and if they do it’s increasing tough to gather the family all together at the same time to eat. I can remember walking through the Old City all those years ago and every other window had the aroma of a home cooked meal wafting through it. It made me hungry just walking a few streets. Now all I am meet with is the smell of old cooking oil from restaurants.

Now combine this modern diet with the lack of exercise we are getting and “hey presto” we have an obesity problem. In 19 years the population went from lean and sporty to lazy and overweight. Modern life just doesn’t agree with humans. We now spend hours in front of our computers (myself included) rather than doing physical exercise. We stare all day at our mobiles (again me included) rather than walk in the wilderness. And the only real muscle that the children of today flex is their thumbs and fingers as they bash away at a computer game.

I heard one sad article the other day on the BBC; it was about a phenomenon I had never heard of before. E-sports! Have you heard of that, well if you are under 16-years-old the answer is probably yes, if not it is basically the “sport” of playing games of computers. This is now big business. The recent FIFA interactive World Cup, a competition to find the world’s best computer football player, attracted a massive 7 million participants. There is now even talk about entering this “sport” into the Olympics. And the winner of this World Cup won an amazing £200,000! And how many calories did this 7 million players burn, I am guessing not very many. A plus B equals obesity. A being a fast food diet and B treating computer games as a sport.

But it seems that the biggest problem is that the problem is getting worse and nobody knows how to stop it. Forty percent of the world’s population today is overweight.

achines do work that humans once did, decreasing the amount of energy people use. And global trade means the reach of junk food has never been greater. Researchers estimate that excess weight caused 3.4 million deaths worldwide in 2015.

How long will it be before Dubrovnik has a McDonalds? They are making so much money in Croatia that before long they will make the step to open here, it is inevitable. And then the city’s youth (and quite possibly adults) will take another step towards diabetes. There were an estimated 422 million adults with diabetes in 2014, a rate of 8.5 percent, compared to 4.7 percent in 1980. Is it a tide that is proving hard to stop.

Whereas 30 years ago we were told that computers would do all the work in the future and we would be left with quality recreation time, this was clearly a false dawn. If anything the opposite has occurred and now we simply don’t have time to eat the right foods or to walk the dog. The weapon of mass destruction today is not a nuclear bomb it is a Big Mac!

Top10Archive is a fast growing American-based YouTube channel with "Top 10" style videos covering all kind of topics. It was one of the first "Top 10" channels on YouTube launched in 2012.

The Republic of Croatia has also found its place among so many interesting videos posted by the Top10Archive and gained quite a significant and free promotion as a tourist destination.

However, Croatia is not promoted only as an attractive tourist destination; many other features and curiosities of the country are highlighted in this video such as the great inventor of all time Nikola Tesla, Croatian inventions out of which the necktie is the most famous, a great Croatian cuisine, an abundant wildlife, the Dalmatian dog, the country’s rich history and culture, the world’s smallest town and Croatian World Records.

It is interesting to note that in May 2017, the Top10Archive channel surpassed 1 million subscribers and 300 million channel views.

Check your knowledge on Croatia with this video 

Stork bumped into the garden of Dubrovnik artist Maro Mitrovic few days ago. This surprise guest turned out to be a young male and Mitrovic decided that his name is Pedro.

Painter didn't waste any time – he imediatly contacted everybody that could help him and advise him on how to take care of his new friend. And responds were great!

-It fascinates me how they concluded through a video that the bird is a young male and that there is a possible injury. I called him Pedro and got specific professional instructions to deal with him – explained Mitrovic on his Facebook profile.


This unexpected visitor was firstly seen close to the Lapad elementary school, but moved to the garden of this Dubrovnik painter. He says that he is willing to keep Pedro until he's fully recovered. Seems like a beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Nothing says that the summer season is almost over like changing the city bus timetable. 'Libertas', company that is in charge of public transport in Dubrovnik, informs all the citizens and visitors that the new bus timetable will be on the run from Monday, September 4th.

The biggest change compared to the summer bus timetable is the last departure – from Monday, most of the buses will drive until 1 am, while during the summer they were driving until 2:30.

You can see the full new bus timetable here.

Since we are on the bus topic, here is some more useful information. In Dubrovnik area, ticket bought in bus costs 15 Kuna, ‘’S’’ Ticket or one hour ticket bought at kiosk is 12 Kuna and daily ticket is 30 Kuna. For a bus to Zupa Dubrovacka you’ll pay 18 Kuna, to Cavtat 25 Kuna, to Ston 40 Kuna, while ticket for Slano is 23 Kuna. You can see the lines map here and also, you can download the app that will make your whole Dubrovnik bus driving experience much easier.

Whether it’s the game of Thrones effect or the amount of international press that Dubrovnik is receiving seems to be unsure but over the past few years American tourists have discovered the city and are turning up in ever increasing numbers. According to information just released from the Dubrovnik – Neretva County an impressive 95,000 Americans have visited the county in the first from the beginning of the year until the end of August.

Last year was a record year for American tourists but 2017 looks set to smash that record. Compared to 2016 there have been almost 30,000 more American tourists in Dubrovnik, an increase of 38 percent, making US tourists the third most numerous in terms of nationality. These figures are even more impressive when you take into account that there are no direct flights between the US and Dubrovnik, or even between the US and Croatia.

The most numerous tourists in the Dubrovnik – Neretva County in the first eight months of this year were from the UK, followed by guests from France and then the US. In August there were a total of 399,518 tourists in the county which is an increase of 7 percent over August 2016.

Nationality Tourist arrivals 2017 Tourist arrivals 2016
United Kingdom 202.696 155.008
Germany 90.778 81.819
Poland 64.929 54.703
Croatia 87.650 87.925
Bosnia and Herzegovina 58.871 57.989
France 101.732 94.882
USA 95.525 68.747
Czech Republic 32.518 30.712
Slovenia 31.738 32.471
Italy 47.533 46.166

Welcome to Dubrovnik or as millions of people around the world now call it – King’s Landing. Since season two of the mega popular Game of Thrones hit the screens Dubrovnik has been one of the stars of the show. It has featured as a backdrop in every season since and brought millions of fans to see their favourite locations.

Here is our guide to the top five reasons that Game of Thrones fans need to visit Dubrovnik

You can get up close and personal

red keep and lovrijenac

The vast majority of the Game of Thrones sets in Dubrovnik are all well within walking distance and in spite on clever CGI they still look like the actual scenes. From the actual city walls, that stretch for 1.9 kilometres around the UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the stunning Lovrijenac Fortress, or Red Keep in the series and the island of Lokrum. All these unique Dubrovnik Game of Thrones locations are within easy reach. Grab a Game of Thrones walking tour to make the most of your time in the city, or King’s Landing.

You can sit on an Iron Throne

sit on iron throne dubrovnik

It might not be the original but it is impressive, located in a Game of Thrones visitors centre on the island of Lokrum. The replica throne, and yes it is the original size, stands in a section of the Benedictine Monastery and is part of the Game of Thrones visitors centre. The island had its own place in the globally popular serial as it played city of Qarth near the Jade Sea in season two. And this set is within a stone’s throw of the visitor’s centre. Entrance, and a photo memory on the iron throne, to the centre is free of charge.

You can recreate your own Walk of Shame

walk of shame dubrovnik

Take a “Cersie selfie” on the very steps she started her Walk of Shame. These magnificent steps are located in the heart of the historic Old City of Dubrovnik and will be immediately recognisable from the series as the Walk of Shame from season 5. The steps tend to be relatively busy, yes you won’t be the only one trying to recreate Cersie’s big moment, so if you want to have them for yourself you’ll need to get up at the crack of dawn.

Visit the Trsteno Arboretum

game of thrones trsteno location

The location for the garden’s of King’s landing in the HBO hit serial. You are going to need transport from Dubrovnik to get to this location, but its well worth putting in that extra effort. The actual Trsteno Arboretum is glorious and when you get to the view over the Adriatic Sea you’ll see the stone pagoda that was used in the series. Unreal views and plenty of camera opportunities.

Take a Game of Thrones guided tour

ivan GOT tour guide dubrovnik

A walking tout around the historic Old City of Dubrovnik with all the major points of the serial and locations interestingly brought to life. There are many walking tours, and indeed driving tours, on offer in Dubrovnik so it can be a little hard to find the great tour guide “needle” in the GOT tours “haystack.” Most of the tours last for two hours and you’ll see many of the more important locations. Good idea to take a bottle of water with you and don’t forget your camera. Our recommendation on a great tour guide would be Ivan Vukovic and you can book your tour with him here

Twelve accommodation facilities from Croatia have entered the final competition for the Best Holiday Home in Europe Award 2017.

This year the Best Holiday Home in Europe Award will be presented to the leading accommodation facilities in Europe at a gala dinner on the 14th of September in organization of the European Holiday Home Association (EHHA).

''This success of accommodation facilities in Croatia only confirms efforts of the Community of Family Tourism at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) in improving quality by the promotion of specialization, branding and education developed through the annual cycle of national and cluster Forums of family accommodation through which more than 6,000 hosts of family accommodation are being educated'', commented Nedo Pinezic, the President of the Community of Family Tourism at HGK.

villa falcon rook konavle

Stunning Croatian accomodation  

There are several categories in the competition for the European Holiday Home Award such as Best Holiday Home in European capital (regional and national capitals), Best Holiday Home Beach House, Best Family Friendly Holiday Home, Best Green Holiday Home, Best Pet Holiday Home, Best Health and Wellness Holiday Home, Best Unique Spot Holiday Home, and Best Accessible Holiday Home.

The twelve Croatian accommodation facilities that made it to the final selection are Villa Vista Zamask, Peljesac-Sreser Apartments, Verudica holiday house, Villa Sea Edge, Holiday Villa in Split, Villa Falcon Rook, Makarska-Gornje Podbablje, Villa Milica, Villa Prosika, Split-Srinjine, Zminj-Vadediji House Ulika.

‘‘This year 425 accommodation facilities from 18 countries with 640 nominations were registered for the competition. By the number of entries the most numerous is Spain, followed by Croatia with the largest number of entries from Istria and Dalmatia that made it to the final selection'', emphasized Danijela Cavlovic, the deputy president of the Community of Family Tourism at HGK, also a member of the European Commission Evaluation Committee for the European Holiday Home Award.

The European Holiday Home Association (EHHA) launched the Holiday Home Awards in 2015 in order to present the diversity and quality of holiday homes available for short-term rental.

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