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Game of Thrones is in Dubrovnik for the final season! The filming of the eight season started two days ago and after the apperance of Jon Snow or Kit Harington yesterday, today we had a glance at one more of the main characters of the show – Cersei Lannister or Lena Headey.

Snow and Cersei will finally meet in the King's Landing, as it seems! In this scene, we Snow is sitting down, while Cersei is standing – talking to him. Does it mean he's in charge now? Who knows!

One of the characters that could be seen is The Mountain or Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, which is not a big surprise, since he's always by Cersei's side.

Producers David Benioff and Daniel Weiss were also spotted while filming Cersei-Snow scene, looking quite casual and cheerful.

All the actors were hidden behind umbrellas and taken from the set with mini vans. Today was the first day that some extras could be seen and also, the Lannister flag was placed on the Dubrovnik Walls.

Today is supposed to be the last day of filming and it still remains to be seen if it will be prolonged. 

IMG 3923

Producers David Benioff and Daniel Weiss

IMG 3924


IMG 3927

 Lena Headey preparing for the scene  

IMG 3912


IMG 3913

Sir Gregor Clegane doesn't bother with umbrellas  

IMG 3940

The guy that everybody loves - Jon Snow or Kit Harington 

IMG 3930


IMG 3935

David Benioff and Lena Headey seemed to have much fun at the set

IMG 3878

Lannister flag up high... and a few more of Queen Cersei

IMG 3933


IMG 3938

All photos by Ivana Smilovic




The Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik (MOMA Dubrovnik) invites everybody at the lecture of the prominent theoretician of photography Rolf Sachsse on Saturday, February 10th at 7 pm, with the presence of photographer Ahmet Ertuğ. The lecture will be in English.

Rolf Sachsse is one of the authors of the texts of the catalog of the current exhibition placed in the MOMA Dubrovnik, of Turkish photographer Ahmet Ertuğ entitled "Vanishing point", which was opened in mid-December.

In the text entitled "Non plus ultra" meaning "it can't be better", Sachsse offered readers an insight into the enchanting world of Ertuğ's photos. Rolf Saschsse's proposal to hold a lecture on architectural photography is particularly important because Dubrovnik's architecture makes Dubrovnik so unique. The simplest definition of an architectural photography is that is defined as a photographic form that uses buildings and other structures as the main subject. Although there are many definitions and classifications, architectural photography is most commonly divided in the architectural photography of the interior and exterior.




The exhibition of Ahmet Ertuğ at MOMA Dubrovnik reveals that Ertuğ is an architect by profession. This is most evident in the details of his photographs. He captured the attention of the public by photographing the most representative interiors of historic buildings in the world. After graduating in architecture in London in 1974, Ertuğ continued to work in the field of architecture, simultaneously recording photographs of ancient monuments and autochthonous settlements like those in Iran. His dedication to photography especially started after receiving the prestigious scholarship of the Japan Foundation for photos of traditional Japanese architecture. After experiencing the Far East, Ertuğ continued to follow the paths of photography capturing photographs of some of the most interesting architectural achievements of European art history, from churches, libraries and Paladinian villas to opera houses.

Rolf Sachsse will host a lecture about architectural photography as a genre and present Ertuğ's photos, allowing the audience to experience and understand his photography in a completely different way.

Sachsse is a well-known theoretician of photography who was tutored in Cologne by Karl-Hugo Schmoelz and Walde Huth. Continuing in advertising photography, photography of architecture and industrial photography, Sachs has worked in these fields for several years to finance further study. He studied art history, communication research and German literature in Munich and Bonn. He graduated in 1983 with the topic "History of Architecture Photography in Germany from 1900 to 1975".

In the late seventies, Sachsse worked as the head of a conservation campaign of the bulidins, whose interior was from the 19th century. From 1975 to 1990 he acted as an artist, photographer, curator and critic. Since 2004 he has taught the Design History and Design Theory at Saar University of Fine Arts in Saarbrücke.

He has written more than 40 books and about 300 essays on the history of photography, design, architecture and new music.


Croatian Prime Minister, Andrej Plenković, commented in the European Parliament this week that, although Croatia is not yet a member of the Eurozone, it wants to contribute to further the development of the economic and monetary union and to introduce the Euro as soon as possible.

"In June 2017 Croatia emerged from excessive budget deficit and now joining the Eurozone is the strategic goal of Croatia," stated Plenković. According to him, Croatia already meets almost all of the criteria for the introduction of the Euro.

Plenkovic said that all European goals, policies and ambitions required adequate funding and underlined that the planning of the Multiannual Financial Framework should proceed from what the EU wants, highlighting more priority issues from economic growth to security and research and finance.

"The Union must also be a political player in global governance, with defence capabilities, a free trade facilitator, a leader in development assistance, environmental protection and the fight against climate change," the prime minister said in his speech in the European Parliament.

He concluded that Croatia today clearly understands all the added value and benefits that EU membership brings to the country.



This year the European Commission expects a 2.8 percent GDP growth in Croatia, as was estimated three months ago, whereby personal consumption should remain the main driver of growth.

The Commission foresees an economic growth of 2.7 percent for 2019. With this rate of recovery, the Croatian economy will return to the pre-crisis level in 2019, the Commission predicts.

After a recent revision of the data, real GDP growth in 2016 increased by 0.3 percentage points to 3.2 percent, "and this growth rate is likely to remain in 2017, as economic activity in the first three quarters were strong," the Commission stated.

However, "some indicators indicate a slowdown in the fourth quarter. Slower rhythm in the fourth quarter is likely to be passed even in 2018," the Commission estimates. This is the fourth year in which the Croatian economy continues to recover, and the Commission states that this recovery remains solid and broad-based.

"Personal consumption remains the main driver of growth, and growth in salaries and employment increases the disposable income and consumer confidence,” the report concluded.


Game of Thrones came to Dubrovnik for the final season! The filming of the eight season has started yesterday, all under a veil of secrecy. However, even though security measures are extremely strict, one of the biggest stars of the serial has been spotted while filming – Kit Harington or as the all GOT fans know him – Jon Snow!

For days now there have been rumours that Harington arrived to Dubrovnik, but now we can truly confirm he is. Even though it has been cloudy and rainy day, that didn't stop the filming, and Harington was spotted at the Minceta Fortress.
This are huge news for GOT fans, that will surely think of the numerous theories about Jon Snow in King's Landing. However, it still remains to be seen who (if anybody) of the major characters will join him at the Dubrovnik set.

The production put a lot of effort in keeping everything as private as they can – security guards are almost everywhere, actors can't be seen leaving the veichles and approaching the set and until now we weren't even sure if anybody came to Dubrovnik. We know something now – Jon Snow is in town! 

harington4 070218


harington7 070218


harington9 070218


harington18 070218

All photos by Tonci Plazibat - CROPIX 


It is your chance to win with The Dubrovnik Times and Turkish Airlines. We have teamed up with Turkish Airlines to offer you the chance to win two return tickets from Dubrovnik to Istanbul.

Turkish Airlines has been operating flights from Istanbul to Dubrovnik since May 2016 and since those early days of three summer season flights a week have increase to year-round flights, with eleven flights planned for this season. There is no doubt that Turkish Airlines is an important partner for Dubrovnik, and their winter flights open a whole new dimension for the city.

With Istanbul as a gateway for the rest of the world many tourists use Turkish Airlines to visit Dubrovnik all year round. In fact, the airline flies to more worldwide destinations than any other airline, 290 different cities. So with a connection from Dubrovnik to Istanbul you can use this as a springboard to explore the world, and not just through the summer months.

Turkish Airlines is your gateway to explore the world

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Good luck!

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turkish airlines 2018 32

The second day of filming for the final season of Game of Thrones is upon us and after an eventful first day which saw car chases, dangerous cliff climbs and bodyguards (and that was only the press corps) day two is expected to be the day when the actors arrive. There is no doubt that security has been stepped up a few notches, presumably after a huge spoiler video was shot in Belfast by a member of the public, and there are more security guards in the city than pigeons!

got day one

Security cover all the angles - Photo Mark Thomas  

Rumours are flying around the set faster than one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons. Kit Harington was supposedly spotted by someone on a driving lesson, then it was rumoured he was sleeping in Hotel Excelsior and then it was believed he is still in Iceland.

First it was thought that none of the main actors had arrived in Dubrovnik, but then hair and make-up vans for the principals was spotted and then rumours that three main actors had in fact been spotted. Very few extras have been spotted at all bringing home the theory that main actors will be on screen and not many extras.

However with Day Two of Game of Thrones filming in Dubrovnik starting with torrential rain and a thunder storm we could well see a “washed-out” day and an extension of filming in Dubrovnik.

got season 8 faith of angels

What is Faith of Angels - Photo Mark Thomas 

security got day one

Patrolling the seas in front of the set - Photo Mark Thomas

got security day one 4

In front of the Dubrovnik set - Photo Mark Thomas 

got security day one 2

Trying to hide the flag - Photo Mark Thomas

got security day one 77

Panorama of the Dubrovnik set - Photo Mark Thomas 




The low-cost airline easyJet will launch flights from Dubrovnik to Venice for this summer season. The UK airline will connect the two Mediterranean cities three times a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, with flights to start on the 26th of June and run through until the 1st of September.

Tickets for this new connection are already available for sale on the easyJet website and a single ticket starts from around 35 Euros.

After the national airline, Croatia Airlines, the low-cost easyJet carried the second highest number of passengers to Dubrovnik last year and with the introduction of new destinations we can expect that 2018 will be another bumper year for the airline.

easyJet flies to fourteen different destinations from Dubrovnik, including Belfast, Milan, Geneva and London.

Of the 128 cities in Croatia only two registered a growth in the unemployment rate last year.

Analysis by the IT company COIN show that the city of Buzet in Croatia has the lowest unemployment rate in the country, at only 2.6 percent, whilst the city of Križevci had the largest drop in unemployment, from 7.3 percent in December 2016 to 4.1 percent in December 2017.

According to this new data, out of the 128 Croatian cities only two registered unemployment decreases of less than ten percent, while the rest were mostly double-digit drops. 15 cities saw drops of 30 percent, 52 cities drops of unemployment rates between 20 and 30 percent and 50 between 10 and 20 percent. There are a few factors for this decrease in the level of unemployment, from more seasonal jobs in the tourism industry to people leaving the country to find work in other European Union countries.

The ten cities with the highest unemployment levels in the country are mainly in the region of Slavonia.

The Croatian tennis ace, Marin Cilic, is planning to get married in Dubrovnik this year. Cilic, the third ranked world player, made the finals of the Australian Open in January.

According to reports Cilic will marry his long-time girlfriend, Kristina Milkovic, in Dubrovnik in April this year. Dubrovnik is the hometown of Milkovic and the couple met when in 2008 when Cilic was playing in Davis Cup match for Croatia.

cilic xmas eve dubrovnik

The happy couple in Dubrovnik on Christmas Eve last year - Photo Instagram 




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