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For over 70 years, UNICEF has protected and defended the rights of children around the world, regardless of gender, religion, race or economic background.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the UN program for children and mothers in developing countries, the UNICEF office in Croatia held a reception in Zagreb on the 11th of December.

Valentina Otmacic, the head of the UNICEF office in Croatia said that every day ''they help many children in order to find their own path in life, to be healthier, happier and more educated’’.

She also emphasized that their dream was that one day UNICEF cease to exist which would mean that there would be no longer need for helping children in this way. But she added that they were far from it because ‘’there is still much work that has to be done’’.
‘’There are many children in Croatia who are excluded from the society, i.e. they do not have the same opportunities as other children. For many children who live in rural areas or poor communities, kindergarten care is just a dream, and parents of a large number of children with developmental disabilities lack proper institutional help," Otmacic explained.

In 2017 a new five-year cycle begins and UNICEF Croatia in cooperation with the government will try to define priorities regarding children for the next five years.

At the celebration of the 70th birthday of UNICEF there were ‘’forces that are working for a better life for children in Croatia’’ such as representatives of the Croatian government and the Croatian Parliament, professionals, business people, parents, volunteers, celebrities and children.

Dubrovnik Tourist Board organized traditional holiday gathering of local journalists. Brunch at the Restaurant Lungo in the Hotel Valamar Lacroma was a perfect start of the day for the people that are often really stressed during their working hours.

This is the way that Dubrovnik Tourist Board says thanks for the good cooperation during the year. Food, coffee and a great atmosphere – that's a short description of this morning. The most exciting part of the gathering was bingo with great prizes.

The British multinational corporation headquartered in New York and the world famous auction house the Sotheby's International Realty is coming to Croatia next year.

The global network for trading in luxury properties will expand to Croatia in January, when it will open its office at Split’s Le Meridien Lav Hotel. The city of Split was selected due to the focus of potential clients on properties located in coastal areas of Croatia.

The network of Sotheby's agencies has been designed to provide personalized service, connecting the highest quality properties with prestigious clients around the world, and it can be entered only after meeting a set of criteria and a complex selection procedure. The network headquarters invests in marketing, provides operational support to branches, educates staff, develops other resources and brings clients.

The head of the Croatian Sotheby's branch will be Marko Pazanin, the owner of the Porta Stella Luxury Estate company.

"The fact that Sotheby's has chosen Croatia to expand its network of real estate offices is just a confirmation of our country's international reputation. Our goal is to bring to Croatia as many potential buyers as possible as well as to encourage potential investors to make investments here," explained Pazanin.

It is highly likely that many luxury properties will soon find their place on the pages of Sotheby’s partner publications such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, South China Morning Post and Bloomberg as well as in the Art & Home magazine or on Apple TV.
In the past year the Sotheby’s corporation achieved over 100,000 transactions on the US market only and generated the revenue of $80 billion.

The company Dubrovacki zalasci sunca (Dubrovnik sunsets), concessionaire of the beach Sumratin in Lapad Bay, starts with the reconstruction of the beach which should be completed by the summer of 2017. 

- This complex and valuable investment will ensure the highest and best decorated beach in the city of Dubrovnik and the County, which contents are definitely missing in Dubrovnik and will significantly improve its offer – it’s written in their press release.
Restaurants, as well as entertainment objects are planned – some of the will work during the whole year. The focus is definitely on the daily event and special experts involved in the project will work on sound in order to minimize the noise, in order to respect the environment in which the beach is located.

With this investment, Dubrovnik, especially Lapad, gets many facilities for its guests and of course the citizens too. Dubrovnik-Neretva County and the City of Dubrovnik support the project. It is important to emphasize that this project will bring between 80 and 100 new jobs.

Dubrovacki zalasci sunca 1


Dubrovacki zalasci sunca 2


Dubrovacki zalasci sunca 3


Dubrovacki zalasci sunca 4


Dubrovacki zalasci sunca 6


Dubrovacki zalasci sunca 7


Dubrovacki zalasci sunca 8


Every week our resident "Style Guru" will be scanning the streets of Dubrovnik for the latest and greatest in fashion.

diva 11.12

diva 11.12 1

diva 11.12 2

diva 11.12 3

diva 11.12 5

diva 11.12 6

diva 11.12 4

It was another bitter winter’s day in Dubrovnik today as temperatures dipped down to 17 degrees Celsius. What 17 degrees Celsius! Take 16 degrees off that and then we would have a bitterly cold day. Yes, Dubrovnik for the umpteenth time this winter was bathed in warm sunshine under a blanket of blue skies. There were even people spotted swimming in Cavtat today, well the sea temperature is 18 degrees.

Whilst most of the rest of Croatia is wrapped in frost and fog Dubrovnik is enjoying a microclimate of tropical sunshine. In fact the long term weather forecast shows sunshine and warm weather all the way up until the end of 2016. For Christmas Day we can expect blue skies, sunshine and 13 degrees.


11.12 1

11.12 3

11.12 4



How do you get home if you live on the top floor, with a cat bridge of course! This Dubrovnik cat obviously has a head for heights and a good sense of balance, because to get home she has to cross a wooden bridge.

We spotted this feline fun in Dubrovnik today and managed to catch the cat in action crossing the bridge which is at least four metres off the ground.

cat bridge 3

cat bridge 2

cat bridge 1

Why get weighed down with the confines of an office when you can work al fresco on the beach! This photo was sent to us today from a reader and shows an “open air” office on the iconic Banje Beach a stone’s throw from the historic Old City of Dubrovnik.

The unusually warm weather, temperatures touched 20 degrees in Dubrovnik today, and the peace and quite make this outdoor option both relaxing and meditational. Banje Beach is normally crowded in the summer but through the winter months there is plenty of room to stretch out. If you really have to work on a Sunday then there can’t be a better spot than this!

beach office dubrovnik

Buckingham Palace had a touch of Konavle this week. At a diplomatic dinner hosted by Queen Elizabeth II in Buckingham Palace on Friday evening Tomislav Vlahutin and Rujana Vučićević arrived in traditional folk costume from the Konvale region. This annual dinner for the diplomatic corps is organised by the Queen and although formal dress is required diplomats are encouraged to attend in their country’s national costumes.

Vlahutin, who is a first secretary in the Croatian consulate in London, decided to come to the event in Konavle traditional dress. And according to Vlahutin Prince Charles commented that he felt “Slightly underdressed,” when he saw the colourful dress. He added that we would like to thank Marina Desin and Pero Grbic who prepared the dress and Romana Vlasic, the director of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, who brought the costumes to London.

All the members of the royal family stopped and talked with our diplomats on this special evening, so the colourful Konavle costume has been seen by the entire Royal family.

konavle dress 3

konavle dress 2

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have decided on their Christmas card photo for this year and their official visit to Croatia is the backdrop. The photo was taken on the 15th of March during a visit to the Cultural Heritage Festival in Osijek and shows the Royal couple surrounded by smiling faces of the folklore group HKUD Osijek 1862.

Sources commented that Camilla and Charles decided on the Croatian photo because it is fun and colourful. The picture was taken by Chris Jackson from Getty Images. The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall visited Zagreb and Osijek in March this year on an official visit.




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