Friday, 20 July 2018

You don’t have to stay inside the City Walls if you want to have fun. Dubrovnik Tourist Board brings summer events for this week on the islands of Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan, as well as in Zaton. Here is the list:

Monday, 14 August,
9:30 pm Donje Čelo, on the seaside promenade

Monday, 14 August,
9:00 pm St. Nicolas Church
AIDA I MILO KRILANOVIĆ – mezzosoprano, piano

Tuesday, 15 August,
10:00 pm Šunj beach,

Wednesday, 16 August,
Grand beach, 9:00 pm

Friday, 18 August,
9:00 pm St. Nicolas Church

Thursday, 17 August,
09:30 pm on the Suđurađ seaside promenade

Sunday, 20 August,
9:00 pm Zaton Veliki

Agjamal – Croatian luxurious swimsuits line found its way to Dubrovnik. Martina Kuntic, a designer from Krizevci, decided to do photo book not only in America, but also in the most beautiful town in the world, with the title “Dubrovnik Agjamal Girl.”



The photo shoot lasted for three days in various locations: the Trsteno Arboretum, Pasjaca in Konavle, on the mountain of Srd, ACI marina and on a yacht in front of the Old City.
The model was Ana Kurtovic from Orebic and photos were taken by photographer Slavko Svagelj.

 de- Dubrovnik is a beautiful city and has amazing locations for photo shootings. We enjoyed those three days and it was wonderful. We will be happy to come again, we have a lot of inquires and are ready for new business adventures – commented the photographer.

When it comes to Agjamal, each bathing suit and dress is designed with love and carefully handmade. As a fashion designer, Martina Kuntic caters to women's tastes for elegance by creating unique glamorous evening dresses and luxury beach party swimsuits.


According to the latest information from Jadrolinija, the concept of a new ship for better connection of the outer Croatian islands with the mainland has been completed.

The largest Croatian passenger and car transport company Jadrolinija engaged the Polish company ''Remontowa Marine Design&Consulting'' to make a draft of the project documentation following a public tender. Thus, the Polish engineers designed a 120-metre long ferry with a payload of 10,000 tonnes, whilst this new investment is estimated at 50 million Euros.

The new ship with a capacity for 1,500 passengers and 220 vehicles will the most powerful ferry in the current Jadrolinija's white fleet. The ferry with four diesel engines and the top speed of 19 knots will also have two saloons for passengers and three sun lounges, as well as a children's playroom.

''The exterior appearance of the ferry is characterized by modern lines and traditional colours of Jadrolinija. The concept represents the latest achievements of technology and modern passenger comfort. The main goal is to make this ferry capable to sail in the harsh conditions on the open sea and to connect destinations where sailing would last five to six hours with several embarks and disembarks of passengers'', stated the national shipping company.

Young psychologist from Argentina Leandro Javier Lorusso is not just a regular tourist – he decided to use his vacation time in Dubrovnik for volunteering! He joined Dubrovnik Caritas and conquered the hearts of many with this selfless, human act. He shared his story with The Dubrovnik Times.

How did you decide to come to Dubrovnik?
I wanted to visit Croatia since I made another two trips to Europe, but I didn’t get the chance. For this last trip I visited Bari, Italy, searching for my family roots (Lorusso). It was so near to Dubrovnik, just a ferry trip away, so I made the decision.

What made you join Dubrovnik Caritas?
I was just walking around the city. I like to get lost in the streets while meeting a new place. And suddenly I saw the sign of Caritas on the building. It was open so I approached the guy that was standing there and asked if they need help.

What was your job?
That day I met Marija and Sanja. They were so kind to me. They gave me a plate with food, water and a cake. I can buy my own food but it was a great feeling to be welcomed by an unknown person. I think it is similar to the feeling of the people that Caritas helps every day. And they told me to come the next morning.
I worked with Drago and it was a pleasure to work with him. We made some baskets with food and cleaned the elements for the families in need.

Do you regret spending a part of your vacation volunteering?
The holidays are often related to egocentric time for ourselves. I guess that’s a human need after working for a long time. But after few days and too much free time (it’s quite unusual for me), I started thinking about doing something useful. And when I saw a Caritas sign I thought that was a great opportunity.


What was your favourite part of this experience?
I enjoyed all the time with the Caritas staff but I really loved the lunch time. Food was amazing and that was also the time to share experiences with all the staff. To get to know each other. Different stories with a same vocation of help.

How did you like Dubrovnik in general?
I have never taken the bus in Dubrovnik. I walked all the time. So I enjoyed seeing the sea from the hills during my walks. The view of the city from each hill is beautiful.

Do you usually volunteer?
I have done volunteer jobs but not regularly, couple of times with my work partners. It’s difficult to find time to do it, but this experience forces me to find that missing time.

What are your future plans?
I have left Dubrovnik past Friday. Now I’m in Madrid. My trip is ending. I have my flight for Argentina 17/08. I will use this few days to think about what you asked :What are my plans for the future. I have a lot o ideas but I have to organize them.
 First, I have plans in my profession in my country - sports psychology and the use of sport for a good mental health. Second, I’d really like to get my master’s degree in Europe, but that’s a little bit difficult because I have a 10 year old daughter, Tatiana. Too much time apart could be difficult at that age. But possibility is there! The time will show me what’s the best decision.

Every week The Dubrovnik Times goes to new levels for your pleasure. This time it’s all about culinary pleasure. We have scoured the menus of Dubrovnik to bring you our favourites. And not only did we just research the menus we have gone that extra step and tasted the food in advance for you...its hard work but someone has to do it. This week I visited a relatively new restaurant in a rather unique location – Konoba BoGo.

Through the height of the summer season the cobbled streets of Dubrovnik are loaded down with the slap of flip-flops. You just want to get away from the maddening crowds and have some peace and tranquillity. Konoba BoGo is a fresh break from the normal hustle and bustle of eateries in the city.

bogo food


Located on the waterfront and with the cool Ombla River meandering by BoGo is truly a breath of fresh air. “It’s like nature’s own air-conditioning,” I commented to the owner when I arrived. This is good honest, traditional cuisine served with style and care. “We like to call the menu rustic,” smiled the owner. Adding that respect is paid to the home-grown produce and time-honoured recipes. For a starter we would heavily recommend the smoked ham (or prsut) from Drnis. This is really what prsut should taste like and Drnis is the premier location for the best smoked ham in the country. This dish really sums up the restaurant – tasty, rustic and fresh. If you fancy a warm starter as well then the selection of risottos is stunning – I went for the veal risotto and is was perfect.

prsut bogo


For the main course why not try something from the grill. There is a wide selection of fresh fish as well as four types of steak. I went to see the grill area and it is probably one of the largest and best equipped in the city, although more than a little warm so stay close to the river. Also the lamb and veal under the bell (although you will have to order 12 hours in advance) is delicious. Quite clearly the relaxing river setting has an influence on the staff. In the Old City the waiters can be snappy and short as the heat rises, at Konoba BoGo there is none of that, it is laid back yet smart and quick. Oh and by the way, if you were wondering what Konoba meant it’s a Croatian word for tavern – and yes BoGo feels just like a tavern.

bogo front


For dessert (some would say the most important course) I plumped for the semifreddo and I wasn’t disappointed. With live music on Thursdays and Sundays and an interesting wine and beer list Konoba BoGo should be on your radar whilst in Dubrovnik. There is plenty of parking, or grab a taxi and really enjoy the wine list. I would also recommend the red wine liquor. It is made from an old recipe from the times of the Dubrovnik Republic, yes we told you that BoGo respected traditions.

bogo dessert 

Gorava ul. 41, 20236, Nova Mokošica
+385 (0)95 333 5335
Open from 17.30 to midnight (weekdays)
Weekends – 7.30 to midnight


A group of young backpacker tourists caught the eye this evening as they sat in a group on the cobbled streets of the historic Old City of Dubrovnik.

On the busiest entrance into the city the young tourists started a street style picnic as thousands of people walked by. But it wasn’t the al fresco eating on the pavement that caught the eye of passersby it was the cardboard sign that one of them was holding offering “Free Sex.”

This photo appeared on social media and soon brought a reaction with comments asking where the police or city inspectors were and why they hadn’t reacted. Ironically the small group were sitting directly under a sign installed last year explaining the regulations for behaviour inside the city walls.

Croatia’s tourism industry is turning its attention to further flung countries according to the Minister of Tourism, Gari Cappelli. In an interview for a Croatian newspaper the Minister stated that he is looking to secure more long distance flights to the country. Cappelli is reportedly in talks with a number of air carriers about establishing links from the Far East, Middle East and America.

"The Ministry's strategic goal is to develop Croatia as a destination which is accessible to various airlines, particularly before and after the height of the summer season. We are directing a part of our funds towards closer cooperation with carriers, which will result in more flights to all of our airports. We are turning towards the Far East and the Middle East. Since January, we have been in talks with a number of large global and European airlines, as well as tour operators. I am certain that the result of these talks will be visible next year with a strong increase in visitors from non-traditional markets," commented Capelli for Globus magazine.

South Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan are all considered key markets by the Minister and strengthening ties with these destinations is seen as a route to solve Croatia’s weaker winter period. South Korean tourists have increased drastically in Croatia over the past few years and generally travel in the low season.

And it isn’t only Asia that has caught the attention of the Minister, according to reports the Ministry of Tourism is pushing hard to attract air carriers from the USA. “The Ministry is also in talks over potential seasonal services from Zagreb and Dubrovnik to the United States, which could launch next year,” stated Capelli.

The President of the Republic of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, arrived in Sydney today as part of a tour of Australia and New Zealand. She is the first President to visit these two countries in 22 years after Franjo Tuđman last visited.

Kitarović met with representatives of the Croatian community in Sydney as well as paying a visit to the Croatian Catholic Centre where she attended a Massin the packed St. Nikola Tavelić church. The Croatian president will meet the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and other senior Australian officials during her visit.

It will be a busy state visit for the Croatian President as she will also go to Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Port Lincoln. Prime Minister Turnbull, who will meet with Grabar-Kitarović in Canberra, posted on the web site that Australia appreciates its hearty relations with Croatia and added that this year marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

kolinda austrlai

"The visit of the Croatian president is an opportunity to mark the great contribution of the Australian-Croatian community to the Australian multicultural society. More than 43,000 people born in Croatia live in Australia, and the remaining 133,000 are of Croatian origin," Turnbull said. Part of the state visit is aimed at strengthening the economic ties between Australia and Croatia and the President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce is also in the President’s party. Economic relations between Croatia and Australia, in spite of the large Diaspora community, are relatively poor. In 2016 Croatia’s trade with Australia amounted to $27.5 million, whilst trade with New Zealand is ever worse at a modest $6 million.

Grabar-Kitarović's state visit to New Zealand begins on the 19th of August 19 in Auckland, and includes Wellington, she will and return to Zagreb on the 23rd of August. According to information from the President’s Office in Zagreb this trip has taken two years to plan and prepare.

Cavtat is proving a hit with nautical tourists this year with more and more yachts mooring along the picturesque quayside. Just this weekend eight luxury yachts were anchored along the Cavat waterfront and caught the attention of locals and tourists.

Cavtat is one of the safest harbours along the Croatian Adriatic coast, protected by the natural geography, and with numerous bars and restaurants on the main promenade it is also ideal for making the most of al fresco dining.

super yachts cavtat


One of the main reasons that Cavtat is popular with yacht owners is its close proximity to the Dubrovnik Airport in Cilipi only a few kilometres away. Millionaire yacht owners jet into Dubrovnik Airport and can be onboard their mega yachts in a few minutes.

This weekend saw the aptly named “Lucky Me” at 43 metres long, “Jo” and “Wheels” both 50 metres long, “Souraya” at 38 metres long, “Vaao” 37 metres, “Alligator” 32 metres, “Bojoux” 32 metres and “Mistre Z” owned by the Belgium businessman Matty Zadnikar all moored in Cavtat.

alligator yacht croatia

jo yacht croatia

Photos - Niksa Duper 

According to data just released by the Zupa Tourist Board the region was visited by 25, 953 tourists in July and achieved 123, 801 overnight stays, which is an increase of 4 percent compared to the same month from 2016.

The most numerous guests in the Zupa region, which is some 10 kilometres south of Dubrovnik, were British. In fact in July there were 3, 756 British guests in Zupa and they achieved 25, 435 overnight stays, a massive 27 percent increase over July 2016. After British guests the second most numerous were French, and in third place were Germans.

Since the beginning of the year 69, 018 tourists have visited Zupa and achieved 250, 067 overnight stays, again an increase over 2016 this time by 16 percent.




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