Friday, 19 January 2018

Fourth weekend of the Dubrovnik Winter Festival is full of music events, including the Dubrovnik Christmas Concert by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Marc Tardue and Delo Jusic, accompanied by tenors Dani Stipanicev and Stijepo Gled Markos, soprano Maria Kuhar Sosa, vocalist Maja Grgic, vocal groups Ragusa, Subrenum and Kase, young band from Lapad – Dapal. The concert will take place on the stage of the Hotel Valamar Lacroma and the whole program will be enriched with the stories of Christmas in Dubrovnik by art historian Maja Nodari. 

Dubrovnik Christmas Concert will be held on Friday, December 22nd in the hotel Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik, starting at 8 pm. At the same time music program Dubrovnik acoustic session will be held at Pile.

Children's programs at the Teddy Bear Park (Park Pile) will be held on December 21st and 22nd from 5pm to 7pm.
The Colorful Winter Program in the Lapad Bay continues this week on Saturday, December 23rd, with the performance of the Dance Studio Lazareti and the creative program of the Le Petit Festival du Theater. On the promenade in Lapad Bay, you will have the chance to hear traditional Christmas songs from the musical workshop led by Paola Drazic Zekic and Sanja Drazic, continued with the Christmas concert of the Dapal band.

Live Nativity scene will be held on Saturday at 5.30 pm, followed by the lighting up of the last advent candle - the candle of love, in front of the cathedral of Dubrovnik, at 7.30 pm.

The musical program from 7 to 9 pm is in the hands of Maja Grgic and Igor Vlahusic who will play at Gundulic square.
Marko Tolja Septet will have a concert at 9 pm in front of St. Blasius Chruch.

Good news from Luza information center for all those who are looking for Christmas gifts is that a special Christmas action begins today, with the purchased umbrella and puzzle - the third item is free - until December 24th, and from December 22nd to 24th, there is a discount of 20 percent when purchasing small notebook of the Dubrovnik Winter Festival.



Christmas and New Year are just around the corner thus a large number of Croatian citizens have decided to spend their winter vacation outside the country.

The hotel search browser Trivago reveals the 10 most popular destinations in the festive season among Croats.

The most desirable destination of many Croats this year is the city of Zagreb thanks to the more popular and richer Advent program as well as to various New Year’s Eve events that make Zagreb the most popular destination in 2017.

With the average accommodation price of 77 Euros per night, on the list of the most desirable Christmas destinations among Croats, Zagreb is followed by Vienna (132€), Amsterdam (148€), New York (254€), Budapest (85€), Prague (101€), Roma (99€), London (171€), Istanbul (67€) and Tenerife (175€).

When it comes to New Year’s Eve, the most sought after destination among Croats is again Zagreb with the average accommodation price of 84 Euros per night. However, many Croats have opted for Budapest (135€), Sarajevo (72€), Amsterdam (215€), Belgrade (91€), Prague (177€), Dubrovnik (118€), Vienna (172€), Budva in Montenegro (76€) and Paris (182€).

In general, according to Trivago, the most searched destinations for New Year’s Eve this year are London, New York, Paris, Dubai and Prague.



The Advent candles in the centre of the Old City of Dubrovnik seem to have a new resident.

With three of the four candles already lit as Christmas Day comes ever closer a local cat has found a warm place to cat nap during the day. And with the chilly weather in Dubrovnik at the moment it would seem like a warm and cosy spot for this friendly feline to set up home.

We hope she has a purrfect Christmas!

cats in dubrovnik at christmas



The Christmas spirit is in full swing and festive trees are being sold and purchased up and down the country.

According to statistics, Croatia has recorded a significant decline in exports of fresh Christmas trees. Thus, this year most Croatian homes will be filled with the scent of Christmas trees imported from Denmark.

The decline in turnover of Christmas trees is usually recorded at the state level. Thus, last year we saw turnover drop by 266 percent in comparison to 2015, whilst imports decreased by only 1.6 percent.

According to video reports and photos in the media, towns and cities throughout Croatia offer a wide selection of fresh Christmas trees in order to satisfy everyone’s needs and preferences. However, sellers are commenting that the price of a Christmas tree was less important in the 1990’s than today and that people used to stand in line to buy one.

All and all, no matter whether the Christmas tree is from Denmark or Croatia, the most important thing is to buy one, decorate it with your family and enjoy a real festive atmosphere.



According to the latest ITU report, Croatia is among countries with the biggest progress in the development of Information and communications technology (ICT).

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has released a global report on the information society titled ‘’Measuring the Information Society Report 2017’’.

The report analyzes the development of ICT in all UN member countries, whilst the ICT Development Index (IDI) as an integral part of the report serves as a measure to compare countries according to the degree of ICT development.

The Croatian IDI recorded a growth from 6,96 percent in 2016 to 7,24 percent in 2017, thus, the country placed as the 36th in the world and ranked among six countries that advanced on the list for five and more places (last year Croatia placed as the 42nd).

Among European countries, the Republic of Croatia advanced the most on the list (for six places) and placed as the 24th in comparison to the 30th place in 2016. Croatia left many European countries behind such as Greece, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary and Poland.

The ITU also stated that ICT use in households in Croatia is relatively high, whilst the number of internet users is constantly rising mostly thanks to the significant increase in the number of active users of broadband internet access through the mobile network, whose prices are among the lowest in the world in relation to the gross national income.

At the end of the report, in the part related to Croatia, ITU concluded that the country has a well-developed telecommunications infrastructure and continues to invest in its modernization.



Ed Sheeran, famous singer from England, had an exclusive secret concert in Austria few days ago, where he performed for only a few of the happiest fans. There he received the award of Croatian Discography Association (HDU), because according to their data his album 'Divide' is the best-selling foreign edition in Croatia this year. 

To thank his Croatian fans and HDU, this laid back singer recorded a video, with which the Croatian Discography Association praised on their Facebook profile.

Sheeran did his best to learn couple of Croatian words and his bad pronunciation made the video (and the singer) even more likeable. 

This 26-year old singer learned how to say hello and thank you (or at least he tried) and seemed rather enthustiastic because of the award.

-It's pretty amazing, I can't wait to come over to Croatia, I've never been there so I'm looking forward to it. Thank you for enjoying my music, this is my first platinum in Croatia. You guys rule! – said Sheeran and just delighted the fans who hope that this means that the famous singer will soon have a concert in our country.


What is better than one Santa Claus? Numerous Santas! And it gets even better – they are on motorbikes, they dance and play instruments and of course: they have gifts.

This morning was just perfect for Santas from moto clubs Dvije Rote (Konavle), Nomadi (Zupa) and Libertas (Dubrovnik) to hit the road and bring that special holiday cheer to children. First, they visited Konavle and then headed to Zupa. Everywhere they went they were greeted with happy children's faces from Konavle and Zupa kindergartens and elementary schools. So they danced, sang and made sure that everybody felt happy – even the parents. Every child got some sweets, but what's more important – they got even sweeter memories.

On December 26th Santas on motorbikes will traditionally visit the Old City, exactly at noon and like every year bring Christmas cheer, sweets and smiles. 



Game of Thrones and Dubrovnik have been inseparable since the producers plumped on recreating King’s Landing in the Pearl of the Adriatic. With so many reports, articles, guides and photos released over those years the marketing that the most popular recorded serial ever has brought to the city is immeasurable.

And just when you thought you had seen everything there was to see about the two “partners” comes something from left field. Andrea David, a German travel blogger and self-confessed movie geek, has gone that step further to create, or recreate, scenes from Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik. Using a still from the serial combined with a perfectly placed photo from real life David has brought a new and fresh look at the filming locations.

“I love movies and traveling and love to connect one thing with the other. For more than 10 years, I have been traveling in the footsteps of interesting film locations around the world and collecting clues about what was shot where,” comments this Hamburg based blogger.

From the iconic Dubrovnik City Walls, the stone facades of the UNESCO protected Old City to the hanging gardens of the Trsteno Arboretum, the photos, which fill her popular Instagram account and her blog. And it doesn’t stop at Game of Thrones. In fact, the George R.R Martin inspired series is just the tip of David’s iceberg. James Bond, Breaking Bad, Men in Black, Transformers, Walking Dead, Star Wars…the list is as long as it is impressive.

Check out these imaginative images of Dubrovnik and Game of Thrones

start of walk of shame in dubrovnik

pile gate game of thrones 2017

weddign scene dubrovnik game of thrones

game of thrones piture in picture

thrones in trsteno

And a couple of our favourites…who could forget these iconic scenes

forrest gump 2017

james bond skiing andreas david





State Meteorological Institute issued this morning a warning for the low temperatures that are expected in the next couple of days. In Dubrovnik, 21 and 22 December, a moderate risk of cold that could affect health is expected – State Meteorological Institute and the Public Health Institute of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County warned.

The Public Health Institute warns everybody to avoid exposure to low temperatures during the early morning and night hours, especially if you suffer from heart and respiratory diseases. Layers are the key, with an outer layer that is impermeable to wind and moisture, preferably wool, polypropylene and silk that retain more heat in the inner layers of cotton.



If you are visiting Dubrovnik during this cold, protect your head with a hat, put some gloves on and cover your mouth with a scarf, to prevent direct cold air inhalation.

Do not ignore the shivers when staying outdoors, too long exposure to the cold with a shivering sign is a sign for immediate return to the interior – the Public Health Institute warns.



British tourists will once again be the most numerous in Dubrovnik next year and will continue to make up a fifth of all tourists to the city. The Dubrovnik Airport has reported an increase in flights and airlines from the UK for 2018 and since almost every British tourist arrives through their terminals it is simple to conclude the results.

Announcements from the airport show an increase in almost all of the UK airlines, for 2018 EasyJet will increase the frequencies on their existing Manchester and London connections by around 30 percent, Thomson Airways (TUI) is set to increase frequencies by 20 percent and Norwegian Airlines and Travel Service by 20 percent.

“We are especially pleased that the collapse of Monarch Airlines didn’t have a negative effect on the number of flights from the UK for next year. A deal has been made with British Airways, Thomas Cook and to cover the shortfall in operations from Monarch Airlines,” stated Dubrovnik Airport. There will also be flights, for the first time ever, to Southend for next year with the airline Stobart Air.

terminal dubrovnik airport 2017

And it isn’t only flights from the UK that have been increased for next year, new operations to Dubai, Slovenia and Poland are just a few of the new destinations for 2018. Travel Service will introduce regular flights between Dubrovnik and two Polish cities, Warsaw and Krakow. Adria Airways, after a 14-year break, will operate flights between Dubrovnik and Slovenia. And Dubrovnik has been included on the flights schedule for FlyDubai for 2018 with the first direct flights ever to the United Arab Emirates. These flights will operate three times a week from the middle of April.

“In 2018, apart from the already announced flights with FlyDubai to Dubai, we will also have Adria Airways to Ljubljana and a new line with Edelweiss Air to Zurich,” added Dubrovnik Airport.

This year, for the first time ever, Dubrovnik Airport recorded two million passengers and all the indicators show that 2018 will surpass that figure. The airport deals with more than 70 airlines and has connections to over 100 international destinations. By the end of the year 2.3 million passengers are expected to have been handled by the airport.



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