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The favourite program of film, Latin and pop-rock music that locals and their guests always love to hear will be held tomorrow, May 22nd, by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra on the terrace of MOMA Dubrovnik. The start of the concert is at 9 pm.

The orchestra will be conducted by Slobodan Begic, while Dzemal Cakic, the trumpeter of the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, will perform as a soloist.

Some of the works that the audience will have a chance to hear are "Perfidia", "Mahna de Carnival", "New York New York", "Sway", music from Star Wars, "The Scent of a Woman," "Memories of a Geisha" then the music of the eternal Beatles, Queens, Elvis Presley, ABBA, as well as Coldplay. Arrangements for individual works were made by Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra trumpeter Damir Butigan.

In Croatian seaports, in the first three months of this year, there was a somewhat lower turnover of ships, passengers and goods than in the same period last year, while passenger traffic was 19.7 percent higher in airports and there was 52.3 percent increase in cargo traffic - The Central Bureau of Statistics reports. 

In seaports, in the first quarter of this year, there were 50.4 thousand ships or 3.3 percent less than last year, while with a total of 2.8 million passengers there was a slight decrease of 0.5 percent compared to the same period last year.

Most passengers, 455.6 thousand, passed through the Split port, which recorded an increase of 2.7 percent, followed by Zadar port, which with 324.6 thousand passengers was down 3.2 percent compared to the first quarter of 2017.

In the first three months of the year, there was the most significat increase in the number of passengers in the ports of Cres and Krk.

The total number of cargoes in seaports in the first quarter was 4.4 million tonnes or 7.5 percent less than in the same months last year, and about 54 percent of total cargo traffic was recorded in the ports of Omisalj and Rijeka.
Luka Omisalj with 1.7 million tons of cargo is in a plus of 6 percent, while 662 thousand tons of cargo in Port of Rijeka show the growth by 7.1 percent. Other ports that were included in the survey in the first three months of this year, Ploce, Bakar and Split received and dispatched less cargo than in the first three months of last year.


Airports, on the other hand, continued to grow in the first three months of this year, so in all nine, there were almost 14 thousand aircraft operations or 8.4 percent more than last year, and a total of 824 thousand passengers, which is an increase of 19 ,7 percent.

Almost half the number of passengers or 343,000 passengers in the airports arrived in March this year, which is 27.4 percent more than in March last year, with all ports except Mali Losinj rising in March.

The largest number of passengers in March, 223 thousand or 16.1 percent more, came to Zagreb Airport, with 51.3 thousand passengers or 61 percent more followed by Split Airport, and with 47.3 thousand passengers or 40 percent more in the Dubrovnik Airport.

The number of passengers in March increased by 30 percent in Zadar, while in Pula is more than 113 percent, while Osijek and Rijeka airports are definitely recorders with passenger numbers rising in March for 525.4 percent, or 310.1 percent, but on small bases of about 3,800 and 2,500 passengers.

The cargo at airports in the first three months of this year was a bit more than 2,600 tonnes, which is also a major increase, up from 52.3 percent in relation to the first three months of last year.

Emergency center 112 Dubrovnik was informed about outdoor fire on Sunday at 5.48am at Podgradina below Fortica - Municipality of Slivno, which is placed in Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

Seven firefighters by volunteer Fire Department Slivno and five firefighters from volunteer Fire Departmen Opuzen came out on the field. For now, the burned surface is estimated at 4.5 hectares of pine forest, macaque and low vegetation.

At 6 pm the fire was localized, but the location is still monitored.

The number of abortions in health care facilities in Croatia is decreasing, but the number of births as well – reports. 

Last year, there were 36,481 live-born children in Croatia, which is 1012 less than a year earlier, and almost 3,500 babies less compared to the same data five years earlier.

The last year rate of abortion has been lowest since 1995. The total number was 6145, which is 759 less compared to last year. Most often, women are between the ages of 30 and 39, without children, or with one or two children.

However, the number of live births per thousand women of reproductive age is also decreasing, it is clear from the newly published data of the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

Furthermore, the same data show that the highest number of abortions is recorded in KB Merkur, Split, Rijeka, Osijek KBC and in Pula Hospital.

On the other hand, at a hospital in Vinkovci, Nasice and Nova Gradiska hospital last year, one legally induced abortion was recorded. Some hospitals have more doctors that won’t do abortions – so called invocation of conscience - that doctors are entitled to under these procedure.

According to the decision of the Constitutional Court, the Government must reach the first Croatian law on pregnancy termination by February. This first 'law on abortion' should inherit the current, inherited from the former state, and finally arrange all the questions about abortion, and thus an invocation of conscience – website reports.

Our resident "Style Guru" has been scanning the streets of Dubrovnik this week for the latest and greatest in fashion. Summer is just around the corner and the streets of the Old City of Dubrovnik are certainly warming up.

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In spite of a changeable weather forecast Dubrovnik basked in sunshine and blue skies this Sunday.

The cobbled streets of the Old City were busy with a mix of tourists and locals enjoying the open-air lifestyle as temperatures touched 26 degrees.

Catch our photo gallery from today by Ivana Smilovic

sunny sunday 20 may

sunn ysunday 20 may 2018

sunny sunday 20 may 2099

fan in dubrovnik 2018

ice cream eating in dubrovnik 2018

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The mega popular Bollywood actor Nagarjuna Akkineni has been making quite a splash in Dubrovnik.

Nagarjuna (58) is an Indian film actor and film producer and has recently uploaded a photo of his visit to Dubrovnik with the comment “Chilling in Dubrovnik...A 3000 year old living city!!!” and within a few hours the photo had received hundreds of comments and likes. Not surprising as the leading actor has over 5 million followers on Twitter alone.

During his long career he has appeared in almost fifty films and numerous TV serials. Dubrovnik was made popular as a destination for Bollywood films when Shah Rukh Khan filmed the action movie “Fan” in the city a few years ago.

bollywood actor in dubrovnik

Tourists to the historic Old City of Dubrovnik this morning might well have thought that they had entered a bygone age as traditional costumes and donkeys made the cobbled streets even more colourful.

No, it wasn’t a dress rehearsal for Game of Thrones, instead it was part of the event “Spring in Konavle.” The association “Agroturizam Konavle” organised an attractive presentation of wines and traditions from the southernmost region of Croatia in the heart of the Old City.

They set up a symbolic booth with wines and ice from the caves of Konavle. With this event they revived the tradition of bringing wine and ice from Konavle to Dubrovnik as it used to be many centuries ago.

It felt like the analogue world meeting the digital one as members of the association dressed in traditional folk costumes and accompanied by donkey were greeted with tourists armed with cameras on smart phones and iPads.

Ice from Konavle

According to the documents there was a special service in the 16th century for supplying ice from the nearby mountain in Konavle called Snježnica. (By the way, Snježnica is 1234 meters high and you should visit it because panoramic view over Konavle region is stunning). There were three ice caves in the mountain specially made for the collecting of ice during winter months by the peasants popularly called ”ledari”.

This business was supervised by the soldiers from Dubrovnik and sometimes by the duke of Konavle who was based in Cavtat. The ice caves were closed down by the padlocks and straw and branches were put atop to keep ice in the frozen state as long as possible. Ice from the mountain was delivered on horses and mules to Cavtat and then transferred to Dubrovnik by small ships. According to the researchers during three summer months the Dubrovnik aristocracy used approximately 170 kilos of ice a day!

konavle donkey in dbk

konavle wines dbk 2018

happy konavle man

konavle wines on ice

konavle costume meets tourist

we all lvoe konavle 1018

donkey and small girl 2018

digital meets konavle


The Spanish government could sue Netflix after it turns out that their latest feature film release called “Ibiza” was completely shot in Croatia and not on the Mediterranean island. The new film, which hits the screens on the 25th of May, depicts a group of girl’s adventure to Ibiza, however all of the sun swept beach and disco scenes were actually recorded on the Croatian Adriatic.

The Ibiza government has been quoted as filing a lawsuit against the filmmaker and the digital platform, because they believe that they should have used the Ibiza brand when filming a feature film called “Ibiza” rather than depicting the landscape of Croatia.

In a comedy "Ibiza", a 30-year-old girlfriend travels with her two friends to Barcelona and Ibiza where they enter the wild world discos and parties and find love.

zrce party island

Party all summer long on Zrce 

The Iberian Government Tourism Office points out that the film presents the "worst stereotypes" of this Spanish island and is contrary to the promotional tourist policy that these and other institutions are implementing. Authorities want to change the image of the island as a place of alcohol and wild parties.

The film was shot in Split and on the beach Zrće on the island of Pag.

Croatia is looking to attract Japanese airlines to operate direct flights to the country. A link between Tokyo and Zagreb is being sought and the Croatian Ministry for Sea, Transport and Infrastructure is to start talks with their Japanese colleagues work on introducing this route.

A Bilateral Air Service Agreement between the two countries has already been drafter and according to information on the specialised website EX-YU Aviation there is a good chance that flights between the two capitals will be in the pipeline for the near future.

Only one airline, ANA, currently flies between Croatian and Japan and these are only summer charter flights to Dubrovnik. But with the huge rise of interest in Japan as a tourist destination the requirement for direct flights is even stronger and the motivation for a new air link comes from the Japanese side. In 2017 a total of 142,000 tourists from Japan visited Croatia, which was an increase of over 17 percent on 2016.

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