Tuesday, 28 March 2017

This year’s Fête de la Francophonie en Croatie or the Festival of La Francophonie in Croatia is being organized in 14 towns throughout Croatia from the 1st to the 31st of March.

In order to promote French culture and cultural diversity the festival will feature over 100 events, including film screenings, lectures, exhibitions, workshops and concerts, as well as programs of gastronomy-related events.

The Festival of La Francophonie is a joint initiative by the embassies of the member countries of La Francophonie in Zagreb (Belgium, Canada, France, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and Switzerland), with the support of the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, five French alliances in Croatia, the French-Croatian Friendship Society, and many other Croatian cultural and educational organizations and institutions.

Apart from the Croatian capital, the festival is taking place in Dubrovnik, Kastela, Koprivnica, Korcula, Lipik, Omis, Pakrac, Rijeka, Samobor, Split, Supetar on the island of Brac, Varazdin and Zadar.

''Croatia is the top candidate of European health tourism'', experts say at the HTI conference currently being held in Rovinj, which has gathered 300 distinguished guests from all around the world.

On this occasion, the president of the American Medical Tourism Association Jonathan Edelheit has said that Croatia is the leading destination in Europe because it has great potential in top medical professionals, nature, location, hospitals and health resorts like the one on the island of Losinj. ‘’With investments this health resort could attract visitors from China who highly appreciate well known sanatoria for the respiratory system issues’’.

These are only some of the highlights at the Health Tourism Industry (HTI) conference, which is taking place at the Hotel Lone in Rovinj from the 28th of February to the 2nd of March. Apart from the conference on medical tourism, the conference also includes two more international events – ILHA’s European Luxury Hospitality Summit and Taste the Mediterranean Festival.

The Croatian Minister Gari Cappelli has addressed to the leaders of European and international institutions from Slovenia, Montenegro, Hungary, Portugal, Serbia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, France and the US. ‘’Health tourism is one of the key products in the development of Croatia’s tourism till 2020, thus as soon as the country solves the legislative regulations it will be ready to invest already prepared 400 million Kunas’’, explained Cappelli.

In addition, the vice president of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) for tourism, trade and finances Josip Zaher has commented that health tourism is the fastest growing form of tourism in Europe, which is not seasonal, with the average growth rate of 15 to 20 percent annually. ‘’Europe is a world leader in tourism, however, projections show that the current 50 percent market share of all tourist arrivals will decline to almost 40 percent. We need a joint promotion of Europe as a destination for health tourism’’, concluded Zaher.

On the second day of the conference, the main topic of lectures and presentations was luxury tourism, whilst one of the guest speakers was the American actress Eva LaRue, who is also an expert in luxury travel and a promoter of the American internet platform Dot Luxury.

It was an action packed day yesterday on the set of Robin Hood: Origins with horse chases, fireballs and ear deafening explosions that echoed through the narrow side streets of Dubrovnik. The main street through the Old City, Stradun, was once again the centre of attention with Jamie Foxx as Little John speeding along the cobbled street in a cart.

The horse chase began at the Pile end of the Stradun and saw four Knights on horseback chase Foxx through a tunnel and along the main street whilst explosions and fireballs filled the air. A body double was used for many of the scenes as the cart raced at breakneck speed over the stone streets.

foxx rider

Once again there was a buzz of anticipated on the set of Robin Hood as the star of Fifty Shades of Grey, Jamie Dornan, was expected to make his first appearance. However it would seem that the Northern Irish hunk will have only small part in Dubrovnik as he had a free day yesterday. After arriving two days ago Jamie Dornan, who plays Will Scarlet in this Leonardo DiCaprio produced Hood, has been recovering from his long-haul flight across the Atlantic from the Oscar ceremonies.

Taron Egerton also briefly appeared on the Dubrovnik set yesterday and caused a storm on social media as a rumour spread that it was in fact Dornan.

foxx double 2

jamie double

IMG 0817

IMG 0821

And Taron Egerton arriving on set

IMG 0822

Video courtesy of Break Time Dubrovnik 

According to a press release from Croatia Airlines, the national air carrier has included new flights to Bucharest and Helsinki in its summer schedule for 2017.

Croatia Airlines has never operated scheduled flights to these two European capitals. However, it will have no direct competition on the routes to Bucharest and Helsinki.

In 2007, over 8,000 people travelled between Zagreb and the Romanian capital, however, after several attempts of launching scheduled flights between the two cities in the last decade, there were no results. Croatia Airlines has recognized the great potential of this route, thus will introduce new flights this summer season.

Furthermore, within its expansion plans for coverage of Northern Europe, Finland will become a new market for Croatia Airlines in order to respond to the growing tourism demand there. Finnair itself has been considering introduction of services to Zagreb for some time, ''“The Croatian market serves as a great destination for Finnair customers from Northern Europe and Asia. We have also seen increasing numbers of passengers from Croatia using Finnair on their trips. Our tourist demand for Croatian destinations has been growing year by year and we have increased our flights to the area consequently”.
The Finish air carrier currently operates seasonal flights from Helsinki to Dubrovnik, Pula and Split during summer months.

On the other hand, the Croatian national air carrier has also planned to start operating flights to Stockholm this summer as part of its expansion plan.

Robin Hood: Origins continued filming in Dubrovnik today and the former Mayor of Dubrovnik, Andro Vlahusic, visited the set and hung out with Jamie Foxx who plays Little John.

Vlahusic greatly assisted in bringing this Hollywood blockbuster to the city and was clearly enjoying himself on the set today. He chatted with Foxx and the pair posed for photos. Vlahusic was joined by the director, Otto Bathurst, who seemed to be explaining the current scene to the former mayor.

Robin Hood: origins is planned to be released on the 23rd of March 2018 and Vlahusic commented that after the world premiere a special screening of the film should take place on the Stradun. Apparently, according to the former mayor, the production company liked the idea and would make a “red carpet” event of the Dubrovnik premiere.

foxx vlahusic 1

foxx on set of robin hood with andro vlahusic

foxx on set with dubrovnik mayor

andro vlahusic soup

The Croatian brand Juicy has attended Gulfood, the world's largest food event which is being held at Dubai World Trade Centre from the 26th of February to the 2nd of March.

With its line of Juicy 100 % juices (orange, apple, pineapple) and Juicy Nectar cranberry, the Croatian company Stanic Beverages has been present on the market of the United Arab Emirates since 2015, primarily in the HoReCa channel which makes 70 percent of exports to that country. The Juicy juices have been included in the offer of some of the most popular local and international chains of restaurants and clubs in Dubai, such as Cipriani, Blue Marlin Ibiza, The Act, Roberto's and Dubai Creek Golf&Yacht Club.

''Our products are currently available on the UEA market and we are in the stage of registration of our products for the markets of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. However, our goal is to cover the whole MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) of 380 million people and to achieve the medium term plan for exports of 10 million litres per year. It is a lucrative market with very high consumption of juice per capita mainly because alcoholic beverages are almost unavailable in retail'', explained Svjetlan Stanic, the CEO of Stanic Beverages Croatia.

This year Juicy has planned a more powerful entry in retail channels (that currently make up 30 percent of exports to the MENA region) thanks to cooperation with retail chains Geant and Panda which are present on almost 20 percent of the Saudi Arabia market. The Juicy's plan is to launch Juicy 100% orange, apple and pineapple, as well as Juicy Nectar cranberry, orange, apple and pineapple, with a long term goal of expanding the offer depending on consumers' preferences.

''Juicy premium juices are juices of superior quality which have been recognized by consumers on new markets. The quality control is extremely strict and products must be tested in order to comply with high standards and legislation. We are proud to say that Juicy juices have complied with all necessary regulations and requirements'', emphasized Alen Hrkovic, the director of exports.

It's a real pleasure to be in Dubrovnik any time, but for movie lovers these days are quite special. Dubrovnik has turned into real movie set because of filming of the newest Robin Hood and by just walking around you can see something new every day. 

Today filming happened at the main street (Stradun) again and in Marin Drzic Theatre, as well as at Minceta Fortress. The City was again full of equipment, crew and cast. Jamie Foxx started to blend in with the locals, but to be honest, everybody expected to see Fifty Shades of Grey superstar Jamie Dornan. Sadly for his fans that periodically showed up (and gave up waiting), he didn't come to the set today, but is supposed to make his big entrance as Will Scarlett tomorrow.

However, it was a fun day of filming today, with knights and colorful extras. Also, we could the stuntmen in action. Just at the top of construction on Stradun, one man was escaping the knight that was aiming at him with his bow. Eventually he falls down – or through our eyes and camera lenses – hangs from the top of construction. Impressive sights! See more in our photo gallery.

Whilst we patiently await the arrival of Fifty Shades of Grey star, Jamie Dornan, to appear on the set of Robin Hood: Origins in Dubrovnik it was another Jamie who stole the show again today. It would appear that Oscar Award winning Jamie Foxx is loving life in Dubrovnik.

Once again Jamie Foxx was filming on the set on the main street through the Old City of Dubrovnik, the Stradun, and once again he was happy to chat with the press and public. He even took time to have his photos taken with our journalist, Ivana Smilovic, got a memento of the day.

The hunky Jamie Dornan was camera shy as he arrived at Dubrovnik Airport last night, presumably the long-haul flight from Los Angeles, where he attended the Oscars, had taken its toll on him. He was whisked away from the plane in a waiting van straight to his hotel. According to a source he is expected to make his first appearance as Will Scarlet on the set tomorrow. For now it is Jamie Foxx who is stealing all the headlines.

jamie foxx little john

jamie foxx loves dubrovnik

jamie foxx selfie

little john lamie foxx

And our reporter, Ivana Smilovic, gets a memory with Jamie Foxx in Dubrovnik 

ivana smilovic and jamie foxx

First of March brings good news – after being closed during February, Dubrovnik Cable Car is back on track from today.

Just a quick reminder – Excelsa Real Estate Ltd, the company that operates the cable car, made an announcement at the end of January, reporting that the cable car will be out of service due to investments projects on the upper station.

- The purpose of these works is to improve the quality of services – it was said from the company back then.

The sexy star of Fifty Shades of Grey, Jamie Dornan, landed in Dubrovnik tonight. The Hollywood heartthrob flew from the Oscar Award ceremonies, from Los Angeles to Frankfurt and onto Dubrovnik where he landed at 21.10 on a Croatian Airlines flight.

Looking relaxed after his long-haul flights across the Atlantic the Northern Irish star has arrived in Dubrovnik to star in the Leonardo DiCaprio produced Robin Hood: Origins which is currently being shot in the city. Dornan will star alongside Jamie Foxx, Taron Egerton and Eve Hewson and has the role of the “playful” Will Scarlet.

After landing at Dubrovnik Airport Dornan was whisked away by a waiting van, although he did take some selfies with police officers and airport staff. And he won’t get much of a rest as he is expected on set in Dubrovnik tomorrow.

Filming of Robin Hood: Origins will wrap in Dubrovnik on the 6th of March and the blockbuster is planned to be released on the 23rd of March 2018.

jamie dornan at lax airport

Jamie Dornan leaving the US from LAX Airport on his way to Dubrovnik 




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