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The Croatian model, Faretta Radić, is the new face for one of the most famous desingers in the world. The 20 year-old Trogir born model has just completed shooting for the 2018 Spring/Summer collection for Ralph Lauren.

rl croatia 2018

In fact, this isn’t the first time that this Croatian beauty has appeared draped in the latest Ralph Lauren designs as she also modelled for the 2017 Fall collection, quite clearly she has the look that suits this American fashion designer.

Radić is ranked as one of the top 50 models in the world and has posed for the covers of Vogue and Harper’s Bazar, as well as hitting the catwalk for Tommy Hilfiger, Versace and Burberry.

rl 2018 croatia


“Oh, we can’t meet on Friday because it is a public holiday,” I commented to my colleague. She looked at me in puzzlement. “Which Friday are you talking about,” she replied. “This coming Friday, its Easter and therefore must be a holiday,” I said. “Ah, well, no it isn’t actually a holiday, although maybe it should be,” was her response.

Good Friday (or Big Friday) isn’t a holiday in Croatia, I keep forgetting that. In Croatia, which is a deeply religious country, one of surely the most important days in the Catholic calendar isn’t a public holiday. Whereas in Great Britain, which to be fair is nowhere near as religious, both Friday, or Good Friday and Easter Monday are holidays for the Easter period. Seems rather strange to me. If you just think about the literal meaning of “holiday” (at least in English) it comes from the longer phrase “holy day.” That is why Sunday is of course a holiday. So why is one of the most important holy days in Croatia not a holy day…sorry holiday.

Maybe it would have more sympathy if the church took to the streets to protest about this Good Friday actually being a public holiday rather than complaining about a certain Turkish convention. I am often asked by foreigners why there are so many public holidays in Croatia. Do you know how many there are in total? The answer is in fact 13. And that includes Christmas and New Year’s Day, so 11 other ones. Do you know how many there are every year in Germany? 13. And in France? 11. And in the UK? 8…only 8.

However, these figures can be slightly misleading. Why? Because in Croatia, as in Italy, the day that a public holiday falls on is not transferable. Meaning that if, for example, Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day falls on a weekend, as it does this year, that holiday isn’t transferred to the day before or the day after. This is not the case in the UK. If a public holiday lands on the weekend it is then transferred to either the Monday or the Friday. So even though the UK only has eight public holidays a year, one of the lowest in the world, it actually really has eight holidays. Whereas Croatia this year in fact only has 11 as opposed to 13. OK, I know it is still more than the UK (and even if there is no Good Friday) but it at least draws the numbers much closer.

And it is still nowhere near the country with the most public holidays, not even close. The absolute winner is Cambodia, with an amazing 28 public holidays every year. Just think about that, that’s over two public holidays every bloody month, or in other words you work for 11 months and have a month off. Before you all pack your suitcases and buy single tickets to Phnom Penh the vast majority are connected to Buddhism, so you’re probably going to have to convert religions. Cambodia is followed by Sri Lanka with 25 days off. But again many of these are around Hinduism. If you are looking closer to home you might want to try Scandinavia. Finland is the leader in Europe with a generous 15 free days. And they are closely followed by Sweden with 13.

So in the grand scheme of things Croatia isn’t the laziest country in the world, or even in Europe, if you just take the amount of public holidays into account. The one thing that the EU and probably most of the rest of the world won’t understand (apart from Cambodia!) is this Croatian tradition of connecting days. Quite quickly the 13 days turns into Cambodian style numbers.

“It’s a holiday on Thursday so we’ll have a half day on Wednesday to prepare and there doesn’t seem much point in coming in on Friday.” How many times have you heard that sentence? Probably more if you work for a state institution. I even heard this once, “The absolute best day for a public holiday is Thursday, guaranteed long weekend.” In fact, this particular person had made almost a scientific survey out of the best days for holidays to fall on and how it could be possible to connect them to artificially create a long weekend. He had probably spent at least a week’s work just figuring out the pros and cons of holiday timings. If only he had been so effective and efficient with his actual government job. And yet, and I repeat, with all these holidays, real or imagined, still one of the leading holy days isn’t actually a free day. Strange but true.

The Bishop of Dubrovnik, Mate Uzinic, headed the Good Friday ceremony through the streets of the Old City in the largest Christian holiday, Easter.

The procession, led by a relic of Christ on the Cross, continued through the streets of the city and kept the Easter tradition in Dubrovnik.

Check out the photo gallery by Tonci Plazibat



god in dubrovnik

gog gog gog

The share of the Croatian GDP connected to travel and tourism increased in 2017 on the previous year by 0.7 percent to 19.6 percent, according to data released by the Croatian National Bank.

“The tourism revenues in 2017 are the best indicator of how much Croatian tourism has progressed,” commented the Minister of Tourism, Gari Cappelli, on the news that the National Bank had stated that income from tourism reached 9.5 billion Euros in 2017.

Foreign tourist spent 9.5 billion Euros in Croatia in 2017, almost 860 million more than in 2016. In total 16.5 million tourists visited Croatia last year and achieved 90 million overnight stays.

"Tourism, along with a favourable external environment and the progress of structural reforms, is one of the main generators of the growth of the Croatian economy," added the minister.

There are numerous beautiful beaches in Croatia, but only seven of them are mentioned in the interesting article by the Mirror, titled Best beaches in Croatia you'll want to add to your bucket list right now. Good news to all Dubrovnik lovers – two of them are in our beautiful city.

Mirror writes that holidays in Croatia have fast become a summer break staple, all thanks to Game of Thrones filming, breathtaking cities and spectacular scenery.
-It's Croatia's picture-perfect coast that's also proven a hit with holidaymakers, from the mainland shores filled with picturesque beaches and bays to the idyllic islands that can be found just a short boat ride away – states the article, adding that most of the beaches aren't sandy, but consist of pebbles and shingles, but numerous visitors still enjoy them and the glorious scenery.

Their article is truly a travel inspiration and their choice of beaches in Dubrovnik is… (drumrolls) – Banje Beach and Sveti Jakov. We can't help but notice that both of them have amazing views, so you can look at the Old City and Lokrum while you are sunbathing. It was surely one of the reasons why the Mirror decided to put them on the list.

Banje Beach is placed second on the list of seven beaches.

-As well as exploring the breathtaking Old Town of Dubrovnik, you may want to make space on the itinerary for Banje Beach, where you'll find everything from upscale bars and beach clubs to families enjoying a picnic on towels on the shore. Because of its close proximity to the city the beach can get quite busy, but it's well worth it for the incredible views you'll get of Dubrovnik, not to mention if you take a boat tour you can spot some of the eye-catching islands – explains the Mirror.
Sveti Jakov is on the fourth place of the list.

-One of the more well-known beaches amongst holidaymakers, Sveti Jakov is still a little less crowded than hotspots such as Banje Beach.There's a restaurant if you want to dine with a view, and although it's a pebble beach it's fine enough to lie out and soak up the rays - not to mention the turquoise waters are perfect for swimming! – states the article.

If you want to see the whole list, visit the original article here.

Due to the increased number of people that are crossing the borders because of the holidays, Police department of Dubrovnik-Neretva County wanted to warn everybody that the biggest crowds are expected on border crossings today in the afternoon, all to Saturday afternoon. 

Considering that during border control police officers have to comply with the EU Directives on so-called systematic border control that involves the control of every passenger and vehicle, Police asks everybody to be patient and to plan their journeys in advance, so they can arrive at the destination at the planned time.

The Police of Dubrovnik-Neretva County will make use of all available human and technical resources to ensure a better flow of traffic across border crossings.

In spite of new European Union regulations for fairer prices for delivering goods inside the EU it appears that Croatia would have benefited more with an agreement with China. At the region’s largest congress on online shopping “Ecommerce Day 2018” the Croatian MEP, Biljana Borzan, commented that “95 percent of all the packages delivered to Croatia come from China.”

According to figures from last year deliveries directly from China to Croatia reached a peak, up 17 percent on 2016. In the fourth quarter of 2017 570,000 packages were delivered, and data shows that 542,000 came from China.

"I have been demanding that it is legally regulated because EU traders are discriminated against. They have to provide everything that Chinese merchants do not need, as well as offering a higher level of protection and customer confidence," commented Borzan.

The City of Dubrovnik is going to revive the fish market in the Old City, known as Peskarija. Preparations are underway and the fish market should be completed before the beginning of June. 

New fish market will be arranged in such a way that all requirements relating to the infrastructure of the facility for fish market activities will be met on the basis of EU food hygiene regulations.

-This would revitalize the existing space and allow small fishermen from the historic core to sell fish immediately after catching it. We would restore the old glow of the fish market and bring satisfaction to locals and to tourists – said Tomislav Tabak, Director of Sanitat, the company in charche for the revitalization.

Otherwise, the idea of reviving the fish market in Port has been running for many years, and it was re-launched after the new city administration took over the responsibility for managing the city. At the end of last year, several Dubrovnik fishermen expressed interest in using this area in Port to do some of their fishing trades - to clean and sell their catch.

Fishermen are supported by Mayor Mato Frankovic, who emphasized that the settlement of Peskarija is only one of a series of projects aimed at raising the quality of life within the historic core of the City.

The string section of Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra under the artistic leadership of Pavle Zajcev will perform in the Mirror hall of Dubrovnik Public Library on Friday, March 30th, at 8 pm. 


E. Elgar Serenade for strings in E minor, op. 20
G. Holst St. Paul suite, op. 29
J. Suk Serenade for strings, op. 6

Pavle Zajcev graduated in 1998 at the Music Academy in Zagreb (Valter Dešpalj), went to postgraduate studies at the Musical Academy in Basel (Ivan Monighetti) and to master courses (M. Flaksman, S. Soundeckiene, D. Grigorian, V. Messermann , J. Chuchro, E. Schoenfeld, A. Meneses).

During his studies he held numerous solo recitals, and as a soloist he performed with the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchesta, HRT Symphony Orchestra, Croatian Chamber Orchestra and Varazdin Chamber Orchestra. He is the winner of the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra and American Express Award as the most successful young musician in 1995/96. In the same season he was a member of the World Youth Orchestra in the Philippines and in Korea, Malaysia and Berlin.

He is the winner of the Zagreb scholarship, Rector's Award for 1996/97. and the Dean's Award in 1998. As a finalist of the 2nd International Cello Competition Antonio Janigro in 2000 he performed as a soloist with the Zagreb Soloists and the HRT Symphony Orchestra. In April 2001 he co-produced the Concert for the Cello and the Strings of Pavle Despalj with the soloists of Zagreb, and the recording of the same work with the HRT Symphony Orchestra under his guidance was rewarded in 2005 with Porin award for the Best Performance.

As the chamber musician he performs in various ensembles. In 1997 with pianist Srebrenka Poljak and violinist Vlatka Peljhan he founded the Zagreb Piano Trio. With Trio, he won the Tribune Darko Lukic in 1998 and won the second prize at the International Competition of Chamber Music C. Hennen in the Netherlands. In September 2000, the Trio wins the first prize at the International Chamber Music Competition TICC in Trondheim.

From 2002 to 2010 he was soloist at the HRT Symphony Orchestra, and since 2005 he has been teaching at the Music Academy in Zagreb. Since 2010, he plays in Trio Zagreb (Danijel Detoni, Martin Draušnik). Since 2011, he has been studying conducting at the Zagreb Academy of Music (Uros Lajovic) and has had his conducting debut with the Croatian Music Youth Orchestra in Groznjan in the same year. He conducted the String section of the HRT Symphony Orchestra, Samobor String orchestra, and besides being the founder, for many years he was also the artistic director of the Chamber Orchestra HGM.



Easter, one of the most important religious holidays of the year, is almost upon us and Dubrovnik is getting into the festive spirit.

Apart from the ancient Old City of Dubrovnik Easter decorations have also been installed in the Bay of Lapad and quite clearly young and old are enjoying the opportunity to have a photo with a giant Easter Bunny or a cute chick.

Check out this photo gallery from Tonci Plazibat

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easter in croatia 2018

easter fun in croatia




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