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A month ago the renowned British newspaper The Telegraph published an article entitled ''Europe's 17 Best Secret Islands'' and selected the 17 most beautiful and less known islands in Europe. Among them was the Croatian island of Vis with its beautiful Stiniva beach.

Stiniva beach

Stiniva Beach to be a location for new Mamma Mia movie  

However, the former hidden gem tucked into the outer Croatian island is now teeming with tourists. For a long time, the Stiniva beach was unknown to a majority of the world; however, there is a strong belief that this hidden pearl of the Adriatic will soon become the target of visitors from all over the world.

After it was declared the most beautiful beach in Europe last year, the Stiniva beach has found its place on the lists of numerous travel and blogging magazines.

However, what will be the future of Vis and its beautiful beach, remains to be seen next season. It seems that ''an island fit for a Bond villain'', as written by the Telegraph Travel's Adrian Bridge, will no longer be a secret island.

Bearing in mind advice given by The Guardian, ‘’It is best to stay on a catamaran while the hordes of tourists disembark on Hvar and proceed to Vis, rent a scooter or ride a bicycle to the beach’’, as well as an upcoming filming of a new sequel of ‘’Mamma Mia!’’ in September, we have reason to believe that Vis will be teeming with tourists next year.

According to the Hollywood reporter, the release date of Lionsgate's Robin Hood: Origins has been pushed back a few months. The origin story moved its wide release date in Imax from March 23rd to September 21st, 2018.

As you most probably know, a large part of the movie, which was produced by Leonardo di Caprio, was filmed in Dubrovnik, from February 20th to March 6th this year. All the main stars were in the city – Jamie Dornan, Jamie Foxx, Eve Hewson and of course Taron Egerton who plays Robin Hood. It was an exciting part of the year for all the Dubrovnik visitors, locals and fans of these celebrities as well.

Jamie Foxx started to feel almost like a local, while Jamie Dornan, Fifty Shades of Grey superstar, was the most sought after celebrity, but the least seen one.

“Dubrovnik is a vital part of Robin Hood: Origins and in the final version the whole city will be visible,” it was stated by Otto Bathurst, the director at one of the press conferences. We guess we'll just have to be patient and wait just a bit more to see it.

Season seven of the mega popular Game of Thrones has just finished and all the fans are desperate because they will need to wait a year for the new episodes. However, many websites have rediscovered Dubrovnik and the central location in the HBO serial King's Landing.

One of them is Huffington Post, which brought a great 48 hour guide of King's Landing.

-    Founded in the fifth century, this Mediterranean gem of a walled city is no longer hidden away in the Adriatic Sea, thanks to its status as the capital of the Seven Kingdoms in HBO’s fantasy series “Game of Thrones.” Known as the Pearl of the Adriatic for its magnificent views of the Dalmatian coast, Dubrovnik, Croatia, was the central city of the maritime republic Ragusa, which was annexed by Napoleonic Italy in the early 19th century. This is King’s Landing, where some of the most important events in George R.R. Martin’s epic saga unfold – states The Huffington Post in the article.

The guide itself is quite detailed and it brings a lot of interesting places, not only for Game of Thrones fans but for every Dubrovnik visitor.

Also, Huffington Post advises readers to visit Dubrovnik in September and October, since the peak of the season is July to August and the crowds are less. 

Well, September is coming, so what are you waiting for?


The whole wider region of Dubrovnik awoke this morning to a thick blanket of smoke hanging in the air. Quite clearly a huge forest fire had been burning for some time and dumping this acrid smoke all over Dubrovnik.

However the cause of the smoke wasn’t due to a forest fire in Dubrovnik, or even in Croatia, but a fire in neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to the emergency services, who presumably received a number of calls from worried citizens this morning, the fire is in Bosnia and Herzegovina and quite some way from the Croatian border and that at this present time there is no danger that the fire will cross the border.

The Croatian Ambassador to Malaysia expressed his pride when he spotted a Croatian vehicle during the national parade.

According to a photo posted by Kreso Glavac, the Croatian Ambassador to Malaysia, on his Twitter profile, the Malaysian police is using a special robotic vehicle manufactured by the DOK-ING company from Zagreb.

The DOK-ING company specialises in manufacturing special robotic vehicles used for demining operations and fire fighting, and develops electric vehicles and robots for the mining industry.

‘’Proud to take part in the National day parade. Croatian Multifunctional robotic vehicle for hazardous environments! DOK-ING’’, wrote the proud Ambassador on his Twitter profile.

malaysia photo twitter

It was cabaret night last evening on the island of Lokrum as Ines Trickovic wooed the audience with the Jazz Cabaret “Lilibelle.” This was the second year in a row that this talented Dubrovnik born jazz singer has performed on the island of Lokrum and, just as the premiere year, it was a huge hit. In fact this was the Croatian premiere of the cabaret and the hour and a half long show was actually written by Trickovic.

ines trickovic lokrum 2017

"Lilibelle" is a 1940’s love story about a singer named Lilibelle who falls madly in love with a US solider called Johnny. Lilibelle she packs her suitcase and moves into an adventure across the world seeking her beloved Johnny. And along the journey Trickovic performed in a variety of languages, including Chinese.

This award-winning jazz singer held a concert on Lokrum last year, where she presented the same program she performed at Carnegie Hall, and the concert was completely sold out.

lilibelle dubrovnik

trickovic with band

Ines Trickovic and Gadjo Manouche Band - Photo Vedran Levi 

A delegation from the Dubrovnik water polo club Jug attended a general audience with Pope Francis in the St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican today. The team, led by the chairman Luksa Jakobusic and vice president Zeljan Konsuo and first team coach Vjekoslav Kobescak, were accompanied by the Bishop of Dubrovnik Mato Uzinic and Don Robert Cibaric, briefly met with Pope Francis.

pope with swimming shorts

 After the end of the audience, the Pope personally received the delegation of the club. In a brief conversation, Pope Francis was interested in the successes of Jug and shared his apostolic blessing for all. On this occasion, the Pope was presented with presents, a statue of St. Blaise, the patron saint of the City of Dubrovnik in the colours of Jug, a water polo ball and a pair of Jug swimming shorts which brought a smile to his face.

jug pope francis

Although they differ in many ways, Croats and Americans are quite alike when it comes to the motives of using Instagram.

According to the digital edition of the international magazine Computers in Human Behaviour, Croats are attracted by Instagram’s social interaction, whilst Americans are attracted by the possibility of their own promotion on this social network.

The use of Instagram among Croatian students reflects their collective tendencies, primarily social interaction, however, it is not the case with American students whose use of Instagram reflects their individualistic endeavours such as their own promotion and documentation, says the article written by four authors out of which three are from different American universities and one, Sandra Car, is from the University of Zagreb.

The research offered respondents the possibility of ranking five categories of satisfaction with Instagram: social interaction (e.g. to see what others are publishing about themselves), documentation (remembering special events), redirecting (avoiding loneliness, relaxation or escape from reality), self-promotion (how to become popular) and creativity (to show your photographic skills etc.).

The study was conducted among 293 participants from Croatia, mostly students of social and humanistic studies, and 404 American students, including 72 percent of white people.

When it comes to frequency of Instagram use, there are no big differences between Croatian and American participants; however, the American students on average have 389 followers, twice as many as the Croatian students. On the other hand, Croats are more active in hash tags i.e. in using the keywords related to a topic, which they mark with so-called ‘’ladders’’ (#).

Instagram was launched in October 2010 as a free mobile app that allows users to share pictures and videos either publicly or privately. It currently has more than 600 million active monthly users and is among the most popular social networking applications.

In addition, there are around 670,000 Instagram users in Croatia accounting for 15 percent of the entire Croatian population. In the US, there are around 77,5 million registered Instagram users or around 24 percent of the total US population, according to the research.

This weekend is a good one to visit picturesque Cavtat as a festival of vocal groups will be held. For the 18th year in a row the vocal group “Ragusavecchia” and the Tourist Board of Konavle will organize a festival of vocal groups, or Klapa, entitled “To Look at Your View.”

The music starts at 8.30pm this Saturday in the Villa Banac in Cavtat. And it certainly starts with a bang as ten different vocal groups and solo singers are involved. And then on Sunday the festival continues, also in Villa Banac, with yet more musical delights.

Entrance to both nights of the festival is free of charge. The sponsors of the event are the Municipal Council of Konavle, the County of Dubrovnik-Neretva and the Municipality of Konavle.

Dubrovnik Airport has identified the United States and South Korea as two markets which could sustain services to the coastal city but noted that the development of long haul flights is still some way off – reports EX-YU Aviation News, who got the chance to speak with Dubrovnik Airport’s Deputy Director General Frano Luetic.

He explained that these two far-away markets are the most important for Dubrovnik.

- According to the city's tourist board, visitors from the US are the second most common, behind those from the United Kingdom, which is specific to the Dubrovnik region. On the other hand, Korean tourists are most plentiful during the winter months – said Luetic for EX-YU Aviation News.

Dubrovnik currently has no regular long haul flights, besides several summer charters from Japan, operated by All Nippon Airways.

However, even though Dubrovnik Airport sees potential, there are still no concrete announcements concerning the establishment of such services.

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