Friday, 27 April 2018


What are you afraid of? Usually, this is not such an easy question for an adult to answer. Just for fun, because I do have a strange understanding of fun,…
You can trust me on this one: I’ve been there. I’ve been there many times, varied roles (bride, bridesmaid, guest, musician, observer). The major advice I can give when it…
Never underestimate the power of rakija! Now after reading that sentence I’d be 99% sure that you interpret power as the actual alcoholic strength of rakija, am I right? To…
I know quite a few foreigners living in Dubrovnik, some of which I consider my dear friends. Every once in a while I will joke about them being “immigrants stealing…
“So this couple had much more luck solving the task as they were allowed to speak to people in the streets;” explained the German TV producer in front of me…
I love Dubrovnik and I loved it more when Robin Hood was filmed here. I desperately wanted to be part of the set, so I dragged my husband and kids…
Croatia is a country truly blessed with natural assets from its pristine coastline to crystal clear lakes. The tourists rave and the travel writers gush about the physical attributes which…
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Partly cloudy
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